On Grey's Anatomy.....?

What gonna happen to "Jane Doe" and her baby? I keep wondering what Alex's gonna do. What do you think? I think that if she has the baby and she still doesn't know who she is, that she and Alex are gonna eventually end up together. But then her boyfriend/husband will shoe up....b/c that's how it always works out.

I wonder wht Alex is so worried about this girl.


Hi! that was mwnt to be "SHOW" not 'shoe'

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    Dark and twisty on.

    Let us assume that Jane is running away from her abusive lover and that is part of the reason she does not remember who she is. She really does not want to know who she is.

    Meanwhile, she has noticed that Alex has a thing for Addison. She asked about him and the red head. That tells you that she knows he is taken and that she is curious if he is not.

    If her abusive relationship finds her then the evil sid of Alex will come to the surface. He grew up an abused child and he will be protective of her and the baby.

    Add to this the likelihood that Izzie in her drunken stupor is now pregnant with George's baby and she will need a person to say he is the father and I see Alex being used as her cover to get Christina and Meredith off her back. Poor Alex is going to be drawn into this ordeal.

    Back to Jane, her facial reconstruction keeps Alex, Mark and Addison together which will lead Addison to sleep with Alex should things blow up with Callie and George and Callie winds up sleeping with Mark again.

    Imagine Callie finds out about Izzie and gets into a fight with Izzie, then George will remember he never hit Mark for sleeping with Callie the first time, and this will drive George back to Izzie and Callie back to Mark which of course will drive Addison to Alex, and eventually out of the hospital as Mark gets closer and closer to Chief of Surgery.

    Once again that sends ale back to wards Jane Doe. With no one to see, Izzie at home pregnant with George's baby and Jane's evil lover around Alex will do what Izzie did and fall for one of his patients getting way too close. This is when Miranda steps in and stops him before he gets in over his head. She is not going to let that happen twice. It's Nazi time.

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    I definately think Alex will be involved in one way or another with her.... I had originally thought that maybe she was the nurse that he'd slept with and that possibly the baby was his, but the idea was kinda lost when the nurse was shown on one of the episoides... I just keep thinking it should be someone we already know...

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    thats exactly what i was thinking!!! but then i was also thinking about maybe a love triangle between those 2 and addison!! cause i still think theres a little somethin there!! then i was thinkin that addison and karev would hook up and that would piss of mcsteamy!! all this drama!! They have plenty of ways to go!!

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    He's attatched to her because she was the one person he could save from the wreckage. I'm not sure what is going to happen, even if they stay friends it'd be great.

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