Chunky peanut butter causing severe heartburn?

All of a sudden I have horrible chest pains after eating chunky peanut butter. This has happened twice or three times; I think I get the message that I shouldn't eat it. It feels like severe heartburn, but I don't see anything on the Web listing peanut butter as a heartburn-causing food. Could something else be going on?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    My sister had the same problem just with creamy peanut butter and her problem was that the peanut butter just wasn't going down as fast as it should of so it was building up in her chest. she drinks milk with her sandwiches and swallows really hard to get it to go down. (when she thinks its getting stuck) sounds silly but it was really the case!

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  • There has been a recall of peanut butter over the last month. If you bought peanut butter recently you could be suffering food poisoning. Also, you could be having an allergic reaction.

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    is it a particular brand? could it be the oil?

    I have had some problems with PB after eating other fatty foods, but nothing i'd call severe heartburn.

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    Look at the ingredient label: Chances are there are a half dozen, or more, artificial chemicals in there. Try an organic brand, or "fresh made" from the store and see what happens when you don't have all those additives in there...

    Source(s): Dave Saunders, NC, DNEH Certified Nutritional Educator and Wellness Coach, ANA Member of the American International Association of Nutritional Education (AIANE)
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