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ear wax/syringing??


has anyone had ear wax removed and is it sore? I have been using drops and olive oil to soften it. Not the nicest of subjects to talk about but I am worried getting it syringed or "flushed" out will hurt? x

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    It shouldn't hurt. When I had mine syringed a few years ago, the nurse filled a small gadget with some warm water, then placed it in my ear. The water went into the ear washing out the wax. From what I remember it was a bit ticklish and a similar sensation to having your ears full of water in the swimming pool. When the treatment was over everything sounded very loud!

    Don't worry about it, it'll be over very quickly and you'll be able to hear things you've never heard before!

    Good luck, :-)

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    Hi there,

    i tend to get the same problem.

    Add drops to your ears twice a day for a week then have them syringed.

    If the ears are syringed by an experienced nurse then that is fine. never get a friend to do it for you as that would be dangerous.

    Sometimes ear syringing can be a little uncomfortable but the benefits will be felt immediately after.

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    Ear syringing is very old hat & not a pleasant thing to have. I thoroughly recommend you investigate Hopi Ear Candles. I thought that this was mad but use it routinely now on my family for all sorts of ear problems. Also useful if you have a stuffy head cold or migraine. You can find a practitioner near you to show you how to do it or you can buy them in a health food shop & follow the instrucions. It's lovely and soothing, the wax is PULLED out rather than forced out by an incoming pressure so is very gentle.

    Check out some more info on;_ylt=As... and;_ylt=Al...

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    A long time ago I had excess earwax removed and it hurt!!! I layed on a table and they put what looked like a crochet hook in my ear and pulled chunks of it out. It was not a pleasant event but I felt better after wards. Sorry to tell you bad news but you will probably have to bite the bullet and get it done! Good Luck!

    Source(s): Personal Experiences
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    It really does not hurt. You just get a swooshing sound as the water flushes in and out. Don't worry!

    Source(s): GP for more years than I care to remember
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    Wax in the ears is a common problem.I suggest after using your ear drops ,please check ears with an E.N.T Specialist /doctor for syringing.Please don't worry, it is a simple and painless

    procedure.,but should be done by a doctor.

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    Its a little uncomfortable but it doesn`t hurt.

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