what is an appropriate gift for a christening?

Gift is from a family of two adults and 2 small children and the party is at a nice restaurant (lunch)

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    A necklace with a cross, a ring, or earrings (if the baby/child has pierced ears).

    A child's bible or a stuffed animal with a religious message.

    A religious picture frame to put in a photo of the baby in the christening outfit.

    If you go to a Christian book/gift store they will have a lot of ideas.

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    A government savings bond, a cute piggy bank with money in it. A set of silver silverware for a child, sometimes purchased to match the parents pattern, sometimes a cute one with animals on it. A silver rattle or baby's cup. Or any other kind of a keepsake child's gift. Check your local upscale department store in the china/silverware department for more ideas there.

    If you yourself is religious, as well as the parents, then a religious themed present. Check the religious bookstore for ideas. You did not say what religion they are, there are Catholic supply stores out there that carry gifts.A picture Bible, a gold or silver crucifix, would be nice.

    If the parents have a theme in the child's nursery at home, something for that. My friend's grandchild's was Beatrice Potter, I bought a rather expensive picture frame to match that.

    Things to avoid: most people do not want clothes, the child gets a bunch of them, and outgrows them before they get all get worn.

    I like to visit the bookstore, they have some collections of children's stories that are nice. there are also lots of children's learning aids and toys out there for small children. A baby busy box is cute.

    And there is always money, and gift cards.

    Congrats to the child and it's parents on the christening.

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    If a girl child a pink dress also children books

    If boys a game for there X Box also books

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    A small childs picture bible is always a nice gift

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    You can have one custom made, or an existing one. Shield's symbolize God's protection, and our call to move forward in life with God's protection. Typically, these are hung on the wall.

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    A couple of six packs and some soda for the children!

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