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How many MPG does a motorcycle get?


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    Depends on the bike and how you ride them, some bikes are better that others, usually a smaller cc motorcycle gets better mpg. Like say a 250cc kawasaki ninja can get up to about 70 mpg, while a larger touring bike just gets in the 30's. I have a 1000cc yamaha yzf r1 sportbike, and can get about 45 to 50 mpg when I drive like a sane person, but if I excellerate fast alot or speed, er a little bit, I only get in the mid 30's. If you want a bike that gets good gas mpg, I'd stay away from the heavier bikes, get a 250cc to 600cc bike, excellerate normal, and ride at the speed limit. Most motorcycle magazines have road tests with pretty accurate mpg ratings, if you see a bike you like, read magazines like Motorcyclist, or Cycle World, and that should give you a good idea.

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    My GS500F gets around 50 to 60 mpg. Some smaller bikes get in the 70 or even 80 mpg range, while larger ones may be in the 30 to 40 mpg range.

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    varies by bike. but all of mine got about 100-120 mile per tank of figure 40-50 and that really depends on model and driver

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