My engine temp gauge reads below normal, close to cold, even after driving a while, what's up?

I'll drive my 99 Toyota Rav 4 for a while on the freeway and the temp gauge will go from normal to cold then back up, usually after I get off the freeway then sometimes it will go back down again. Now I know what it means when it is too hot, but too cold?

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    the other time it goes down are u driving realitivly fast? engine temp is supposed to go down when driving in higher speeds because of all the air rushing through the radiator and cooling down the antifreeze. If you have the a/c or heater on while driving at higher speeds the engine temp should go down all the way to cold. sounds like ur car is working fine unless ur experiencing other problems dealing with the heating and cooling system of ur vehicle. ultimately a cooler engine wont give u any problems except for lower gas mileage and ur heater not working as fast

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    I see numerous issues yet have a query First, Cardboard under the engine precise? What area grew to become into the Coolant coming from? Radiator Hose area? First New Hoses & Clamps, replace Thermostat and Temp. Probe in Thermostat Housing. At 220,000+ you will possibly desire to substitute the Timing Belt & Water Pump. additionally appears like the O2 & IAC are undesirable. Flush/Boil Out the Cooling gadget. the place grew to become into the Steam Coming From? Coolant interior the Oil? maximum possibly undesirable Head Gasket. (chilly climate is showing the themes that have been already there) there might properly be extra issues which you would be able to no longer see till at last you do those maintenance.

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    Normal Temp

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    your thermostat is probably sticking. A new thermostat and gasket will set you back less than $10 at the auto parts store. I don't know what you know about cars, but a thermostat is a coolant valve that is typicaly set to open at 195* to let coolant flow into the radiator. It may be that when the engine starts to get warm it starts to open and gets stuck, letting coolant continue to flow until the engine is cold, then popping back shut bringing the temp up again.

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    Temperature Gauge

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    It's likely that your thermostat is a "Colder" temp setting than what your Manufacturer recommends. Find a good auto parts store like Auto Zone,NAPPA,Pep Boys,etc etc and get the proper temperature thermostat and gasket. Also check your antifreeze mixture you can with a simple "Bead Type" to see at what temperature your solution is at (+32 to -15 deg F). Best of luck, Michael T.

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    Replace the Thermostat ! Having the engine run colder than normal will decrease gas mileage

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    If it is going all the way down to cold it is your temp sensor. Check the connection. It could be loose or the harness could be loose.

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    i think you might have a water problem, or air in the coolant system. check your water level first and if ok remove the pipe into the heater radiator and flush out with a hose, could be air locked or full of dirt.

    best of luck


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