population of USA.?

could anyone give me the population of the USA including Hawaii,and what percentage are in the armed services

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    US Population as of right now, per the US Census Buearu 'Population Clock' is 301,447,401 (and counting)...

    We have 1,426,713 people in Active Duty. (.46%)

    We have 2,685,713 people in Reserve Status (.87%)

    Total percentage in the Armed Services is 1.33%.

    Note that our military aged population is about 109,305,756, so the percentages of THAT break down like this:

    Active Duty: 1.3%

    Reserve Status: 2.5%

    Total Military Personnel/Military Aged Pop: 3.8%.

    Hope this helps!


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    The population of the US now stands at 301,535,032 when I just looked it up at populationgrowth.org website.

    The numbers for the military are very skewed at this time due to the downsizing of the forces across all "active duty" forces. I know this since my spouse, a USAF Major in the medical field, may lose her position as Physical Therapy Flight Chief due to cutbacks to the medical squadrons, clinics going into privatization, "early out severence packages" and the removal of 49,000 air force personnel by May of 2009. I cannot speak of the other four branches. The "reserve force" is a little over 2 million. Here in Spokane the reserve guard is gaining units.

    Source(s): USAF male spouse with 13 years in.
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    325 million in 2015.

    In 2015 the United States is the third most populous country in the world:

    The 12 most populous countries in the world in 2015:

    China - 1380 million

    India - 1310 million

    United States - 325 million

    Indonesia - 260 million

    Brazil - 212 million

    Pakistan - 190 million

    Nigeria - 182 million

    Bangladesh - 161 million

    Russia - 146 million

    Mexico - 127 million

    Japan - 126 million

    Philippines - 103 million

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    One or Two.

    Kidding, population of the united states is about 300 million. I'm not sure about the other information you're asking.

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    last census statistics i heard was approx 250 million people in the United States

    China 1 billion people

    Iran 45 million

    India 450 million

    that is all i can remember

    arm forces i dont know

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    300 million, 50% armed services, 50% nubbed services

  • Anonymous
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    350 million in the USA. Figure 1.5 million in the military.

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    2007 estimate - 301,384,000 this doesn't include illegal aliens.


    Active personnel - 1,426,713

    Reserve personnel - 2,685,713

    Source(s): info from wikipedia
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