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In Flowers in the Attic by Virginia Andrews what happened from Corinne's point of view re the arsenic?

Did Corrine put the arsenic on the doughnuts or did she ask the grandmother to do it, whose idea was it etc I really want to know exactly what happened...

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    Her excuse was that she wanted to get them sick to take them to a hospital but she was definitely lying. When Chris and Cathy escaped they found a copy of the grandfather's will and found out he had already died and put a clause in the will that if Corrine ever had children she would lose everything. It never really tells if she actually put the arsenic on the doughnuts but she definitely knew about it and wanted to get rid of them.

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    if you read all the flowers books each one takes you back further in the family history...its been yrs since i read the series but I'm pretty sure it was the grandmother that wanted the children dead

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    corrine did it hoping to save her children.she hoped to make them sick and the grandparents would take them to the hospital and they could then escape to a normal life.it did not work out.as i recall the boy died and the other kids were very sick and later racked with guilt because she lived the youngest girl killed herself with rat poison.

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