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please help me help my puppy. The vet doesn't give her much of a chance.?

They think she ate something to upset her stomach and while vomiting, she got fluid in her lungs. She's vomiting white foam and cannot sit without swaying back and forth. Her stool was a sanding color right before she showed other symptoms. She won't eat or drink. She's so very sick. They gave me an antibiotic, but she's not holding anything down. They want around $900 all at once to treat her in the vets and I've recently lost my job with three kids and cannot come up with that all at once. Please, if there is anything I can do even just to make her more comfortable, help me.


OK the fact that someone wants to accuse me of using my sick puppy to get money is just wrong. I told the vet about the plant. He's more concerned about the pneumonia at present and that's what the antibiotics are for. I am NOT asking for any money, just suggestions for helping her get better. If the injected antibiotics haven't improved her at all in the morning, I'll have to consider signing her over as suggested. I pray it wont come to that. Any suggestions are welcome and Prayers would be helpful too.

Update 2:

I've been giving her pedialyte and she is urinating again and she finally ate this morning. This means she getting better right?

Update 3:

She's now eating, drinking, and playing again! She's still coughing a little, but she sooo much better. Thank you to all who cared and prayed from my lil baby.

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    Aspiration pneumonia, typically caused by inhaling vomitus, is typically treated with antibiotics and oxygen supplementation if needed. Taking her into a steamy bathroom for 15mins a few times a day will help to promote breaking up of the phlegm in her lungs so she can cough it out. Unfortunately, whatever the underlying or original cause of the vomiting must also be addressed. You didnt say whether or not she was vaccinated, if not then I'd say Parvo should be highly suspected. Try www.imom.org to see if you can get some financial assistance.

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    How old is your puppy? Have they tested her for diabetes? How about a test on her heart?

    Just trying to think of the symptoms my last dog and the dog I have now showed before getting sick. My last dog's stool was the normal colour as far as I can remember, but he couldn't keep food down when he did eat at all and also throwing up white foamy liquid. He was getting water in his lungs too, turned out he had a bad heart which was the cause of the other problems. He was nearly 16 years old.

    The dog I have now was had a discolouring of his stool, was drinking like crazy and only eating a bit. He is nearly 9 years old (will be 9 in July 2007), turns out he has diabates and we need to give him shots twice a day for it.

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    I'm soooo sorry. The same thing happened to my puppy two weeks ago. After the vomiting, he had a collapsed lung and pneumonia. For 12 hours they couldn't get his blood/oxygen level over 88%. His heartbeat was way too fast too. We spent almost $2000 on vet, but finally made the difficult decision to euthanize him. It's been a sad time here. I'll be saying a prayer for your puppy and hope you have a better outcome.

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    Im so very sorry about your puppy, I think I would start by asking your vet if they have any grants available. Last year my cat was very sick right after I had a heart attack and was off work. they had a grant that I applied for that helped cover the costs of treatments my cat needed. I cannot believe the vet will not help you during your puppys acute illness without money first, that just upsets me. I wish I had more advice to give you but dont give up keep searching for someone to help your puppy. Good luck.

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    Try a little pepto bismol, my puppy had a similar problem

    2 weeks ago. I used an eye dropper to administer.

    The first dose she vomited back up the second stayed long enough to help. She finally stopped vomiting the white foam

    and was able to sleep. I ended up giving her 3 small doses that day. For her first meal I gave her some rice and scrambles egg. She is now running around the house

    terrorizing her big sister. I wish you the best.

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    If you don't have the money to get her the treatment and cannot make a payment arrangement with the vet then you need to call the humane society at once. Explain your situation, maybe they can help. You may have to sign your puppy over to them but at least you know she will get the help she needs. You can't just sit there and let her die because you love her and want to keep her. If you truly love her call them for help and do what's right.

    Don't wait.

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    There's something fishy about your question....

    Why would the doctor give your dog an antibiotic for something she ate? The symptoms you describe point to some type of poison, (cleaning fluid, antifreeze, or chewing on a plant that you posted three days ago.)

    The doctor does give you a clear idea of what the cost of treating your "puppy", but not a diagnosis. Strange.

    I sincerely hope this is not a thinly-veiled attempt to solicit money from unsuspecting readers. (Given that you've recently lost your job).

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    the dog needs to be hospitalized at your vet office. You cannot make her better at home . Ask your vet if they offer Care Credit(it is a credit card used for medical expenses) Good luck

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    Unfortunately there's not much you can do with out getting her an I.V. so that she won't die from dehydration. I run an adoption center for pitbulls in montgomery, If I can help and you're near let me know at n_branstetter2002@yahoo.com

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    Contact www.straydog.org and ask for Erin. She has a lot of experience with this sort of thing and may be able to help. Good luck.

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