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Just heard on the news they believe the cause of the bad food for dogs and cats had rat poisioning in it!!?

Just heard it today. It was on the news some investegators found some chemical and they said it to be rat poisioning. How nice how on earth could that have gotten into the food they don't know but probably some crazed person that hates animals did it is what i think. All that i know is i am not going to buy can food or pouches for a long time if never again.


I didn't have a question just was makin a comment that i heard so sorry if anyone thought i had a question. Just was wondering if anyone had heard this.

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    There they list the pet foods involved. If you see your pets food listed click on that link, and it will provide the dates from production and the UPC codes.

    Read this:

    CBS News) NEW YORK Rat poison has been found in pet food blamed for the deaths of at least 16 cats and dogs, a spokeswoman for the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets said Friday.

    The toxin was identified as aminopterin, state Agriculture Commissioner Patrick Hooker said in a statement. Aminopterin is used to kill rats in some countries, but it's not registered for that use in the United States, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

    The officials did not say how they believe it got into the pet food.

    Pet poison experts will be answering questions in a live chat on the ASPCA website at 3:00 p.m. EDT. Click here for a link to the website.

    The substance was found at a level of at least 40 parts per million in tested cat food samples, according to Donald Smith, dean of Cornell University's College of Veterinary Medicine. Testing was done at the New York State Animal Health Diagnostic Center at Cornell and at the New York State Food Laboratory.

    "Any amount of this product is too much in food," Hooker said.

    The lab tested three cat food samples provided by Menu Foods, the manufacturer that produced all the recalled food. Aminopterin was found in two samples. The lab has not tested any dog food.

    Hooker said the lab would be testing individual components of the pet food.

    Aminopterin, also used as a cancer drug, is highly toxic in high doses. It inhibits the growth of malignant cells and suppresses the immune system.

    The Food and Drug Administration has said the investigation was focusing on wheat gluten in the food. Wheat gluten itself would not cause kidney failure, but the common ingredient could have been contaminated by heavy metals or mold toxins, the FDA said.

    State and FBI officials said they knew of no criminal investigations in the case.

    The pet deaths led to a recall of 60 million cans and pouches of pet food produced by Menu Foods and sold throughout North America under 95 brand names. There have been several reports of kidney failure in pets that ate the recalled brands, and the company has confirmed the deaths of 15 cats and one dog.

    Menu Foods last week recalled "cuts and gravy" style dog and cat food. The recall sparked concern among pet owners across North America. It includes food sold under store brands carried by Wal-Mart, Kroger, Safeway and other large retailers, as well as private labels such as Iams, Nutro and Eukanuba.

    A complete list of the recalled products along with product codes, descriptions and production dates was available from the Menu Foods Web site.

    The recall has led to at least three lawsuits against Menu Foods from pet owners who allege their animals got sick or died after eating recalled food.

    Mourning turned to outrage after owners learned that Menu Foods waited nearly a month before notifying the public, reports CBS News The Early Show veterinarian Dr. Debbye Turner. This means that unsuspecting owners were poisoning their pets.

    "To find out they knew about this weeks ago, and that the cats they tested died!" former cat owner Dawn Marjerczyk told CBS. Marjerczyk's cat died after eating some of the tainted cat food. "Why wasn't it pulled off then? Why do so many people have to suffer right now?"

    The company's chief executive and president said Menu Foods delayed announcing the recall until it could confirm that the animals had eaten its product before dying. Two earlier complaints from consumers whose cats had died involved animals that lived outside or had access to a garage, which left open the possibility they had been poisoned by something other than contaminated food, he said.

    Menu Foods also makes foods for zoo cats, but those products are unaffected by the recall.

    A spokesman for New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo said he was not aware of any criminal investigation involving the tainted food. FBI spokesman Paul Holstein in Albany said Friday he was not aware of any FBI involvement in the case.

    "I don't know where we'll go from here," he said.

    Additional Details

    There they list the pet foods involved. If you see your pets food listed click on that link, and it will provide the dates from production and the UPC codes.

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    The wheat was contaminated with the aminopterin, which the company purchased from China. My guess is that the wheat was slated for planting seeds, which is routinely treated with rat poison and fungicides to prevent damage from vermin and fungi while it's being stored. It must have diverted into the food chain by accident or negligence. It is highly unlikely that a "crazy" person did this.

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    Yea, I heard that too and was appalled. What is even more stunning is that even though the US (and I assume Canada too) doesn't sanction using rat poisons in anything being consumed by living beings (other than rats I suppose) it's ok to use rat poison on [grain, I'm assuming] used for stuff shipped to other countries, i.e., third world countries?

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    i don't understand how rat poisoning got in there either, im trying to figure that out.

    but what's your question?

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    Also, It is a illegal rat poison!

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    if they can get it in dog food can they get it in our food?

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