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Harborview Horizon 海韻軒 noise complaint?

I live in Harborview Horizon 海韻軒. Since I moved in this Jan, I have been greatly bothered by the noise generated by my upstairs neighours.

I have repeated complained to the hotel management, but they are reluctant to confront my upstairs neighbours. And they would not allow me to move in to other rooms. I have also tried to leave my neighbours a letter asking them to be more considerate.

It has been 2 months now since I move in, and I cannot sleep. Can anyone tell me what can I do?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I suggest you to write a complain letter to hotel management for no active of your case and threaten them that you will complain to the media of their in-responsible if they don't follow up the case immediately.

    Moreover, go upstairs to talk to your neighbour directly if they annoy you again. Remember to go with a witness or record the conversation between 2 parties. Although your neighbour may make more noise to against you in the future, you have a chance to know your neighbour is willing to change or not. You will know somebody don't consider others when you see his outlooking. If so, move out is the only way.

    Actually, you are luckier than I. You rent an appartment but I brought a flat with the same problem with my neighour. Their child is banking my ceiling all the time. After I complained many many times, they keep noisy until 11:30pm. At least I can sleep well now.

    I do understand your situation and hope you can solve this problem very soon.

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