i'm researching a case for my lawyer....?

can any one help me out with information regarding priestly vs superior court (1958) 50c.2d812,330p.2d39,supra 317. and any other similar cases. thanks

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    Priestly v. Superior Court (1958) 50 C2d 812 [S. F. 19911

    Cal Sup Ct Oct., 1, 1958] CLYDE M. PRIESTLY, Petitioner, v. SUPERIOR COURT OF THE CITY AND COUNTY OF SAN FRANCISCO, Respondent.Here is a link to the opinion on the case:


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    What you entered was a string (multiple) citation.

    The case name is Priestly vs Superior Court, from 1958.

    It can be found at 50 C.2d 812 and 330 P.2d 39. The latter citation is to the Pacific Reporter series.

    You can get the text of the holding at any law school lirbary, or any county court library in the appropriate region. You can also try to find it online -- start with findlaw.com

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    wow....never seen a case with a number so huge....I'm thinking you combined a couple rulings on one case.....

    your local law library is helpful if you know how to use it, if not, there should be people there to help you.

    there are ALOT of sites online......some you might need a user name and password....if you know of any law students, they should have access to them and you will get more available research online as opposed to a 'layman'.

    You first need to research the original case, then find your PRIMARY cases. Being that this case went to the Supreme court, it had to start somewhere and you need to find that out. You are going to run into court of appeals (appellate court) rulings also since this case went to high up the chain. Primary cases are those based on the original case, jurisdiction, city and state. Primary cases are those that are presented first and have the most precident. Secondary are cases that are outside the jurisdiction, city and state, not as effective but sometimes a state might not have a similar case that was recorded. HOWEVER, a US Supreme Court ruling overrides secondary AND primary cases. In other words....start from the bottom up, your attorney will differenciate what is applicable to the case or not.

    my question is....is the end result a US supreme court ruling or a STATE supreme court ruling?

    Source(s): former paralegal student
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