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Is bush afraid of a REAL enemy?

rumsfeld cheney & bush were all talking about WMD from iraq & their rapid strike capability & a mushroom cloud over a US city would be too late & we had to rush immediately to war, BUT iran is flaunting their weapons program to the world, daring us to act & mocking our foriegn policies they have no intentions of stopping so why cant we bomb them before they act on thier intentions? this is VERY SERIOUS they are a REAL threat to israel our last crusader stronghold & only ally in the mid east region, cant bush even at least talk tough to them or can he only invade countries without an army?

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    Issue Cost

    1. Communism $13.1 Trillion

    2. War on Terror $455 billion

    Who would benefit from such spending?

    Democracy has fallen to plutocracy.

    Accenture Ltd.


    Aerospace Center Support

    Aerospace Corporation

    Alliant Techsystems

    Allied-Signal Inc.

    AM General Corporation

    American Petroleum Institute

    Anteon International Corporation

    Applied Research Associates Inc.

    Argon ST

    BAE Systems plc (U.S. subsidiary is BAE Systems Inc.)

    Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp.

    Ball Corporation

    Bath Iron Works

    Battelle Memorial Institute

    BBN Technologies

    Bechtel Corporation

    Bell Helicopter (division of Textron)

    BDM Corporation

    Blazeware Inc.

    Boeing Company

    Boeing Sikorsky Comanche Team

    Boeing SVS

    Booz Allen Hamilton

    Brashear (owned by Nextel)

    British Nuclear Fuels Limited

    CACI International Inc.

    Carlyle Group

    Carnegie Mellon University

    Charles Stark Draper Laboratory

    CNA Corporation

    Concurrent Technologies Corporation

    CSA Engineering

    Computer Sciences Corporation

    Decibel Research Inc.

    DHB Industries

    Digital System Resources Inc.


    Edison Welding Institute

    EDO Corporation

    Electronic Data Systems Corporation

    Electric Boat (division of General Dynamics)

    Environmental Tectonics Corporation

    Evergreen International Aviation

    Exxon Corporation

    F M C Technologies

    Foster Wheeler Ltd.

    Foundation Health Systems Inc.

    Gemini Industries Inc.

    General Atomic Technologies Company

    General Dynamics

    General Electric's Military Jet Engines Division

    Geo-Centers Inc.

    Goodrich Corporation


    Georgia Tech Research Institute

    Halliburton Company

    Harris Corporation

    Health Net, Inc.



    Hughes Electronics Corporation

    Humana Inc.


    Institute for Defense Analyses


    International Resources Group

    ITT Corporation Inc.

    ITT Research Institute

    Jacobs Engineering Group Inc.

    Johns Hopkins University Inc.

    JPS Communications (wholly owned subsidiary of Raytheon)

    Kaman Aircraft

    Kearfott Guidance & Navigation Corporation

    Kellogg, Brown and Root

    Kollsman Inc.

    Kongsberg Protech

    L-3 Communications Holdings, Inc.

    Lockheed Martin

    Longbow Limited Liability Inc.

    Loral Corp.

    Maersk Line and Patriot Contract Services

    Marconi Corporation PLC

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Maytag Aircraft Corporation

    McDonnell Douglas Corporation (wholly owned subsidiary of Boeing)

    MEVATEC Corporation

    Mission Research Corporation

    MITRE Corporation; also see ANSER Institute for Homeland Security

    Mitretek Systems Inc.; see MITRE Corporation and ANSER Institute for Homeland Security


    Motorola Inc.

    NASSCO Holdings Inc.


    Nichols Research Corporation

    NLX Corporation

    Northrop Grumman Corporation

    Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems

    Northrop Grumman Information Technologies

    Northrop Grumman Integrated Systems

    Northrop Grumman Mission Systems

    Northrop Grumman Newport News (formerly Newport News Shipbuilding & Drydock Company)

    Northrop Grumman Ships Systems

    Northrop Grumman Space Technology

    Northrop Grumman Technical Services

    Ocean Shipholdings Inc.

    Olin Corporation; also see John M. Olin and John M. Olin Foundation

    Orbital Sciences Corporation

    Pennsylvania State University

    Pratt & Whitney (division of United Technologies)

    Private Military Corporations

    Private Federal Corporations



    Rockwell International

    RONCO (de-mining operations Horn of Africa)

    Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)

    Shell Oil Company

    Siemens AG

    Sikorsky Aircraft Company

    SPARTA, Inc.

    Spectrum Astro

    SRI International

    Standard Missile Company LLC

    Stevedoring Services of America

    Stewart and Stevenson

    Sverdrup Corporation



    Texas Instruments Inc.

    Textron Inc.

    The Titan Corporation

    Tyco International Ltd.

    University of Texas System

    Unisys Corporation

    United Industrial Corporation

    United Technologies

    URS Corporation

    USmax Corporation

    Verdian Corporation

    Verizon Communications

    Vinnell Corporation

    Vinnell Brown and Root

    Washington Group International

    Westinghouse Electric Corporation

    Worldcorp Inc.

    Wyvern Technologies, Aerospace & Defense Contractors

    Why would all these defense contractors wish the war to stop? War stops demand for arms decreases. Dont take my word for it take the word of President Eisenhower in his farewell address .

    Source(s): Bio major Philo Minor UCLA
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    Why bomb Iran?

    The Russians pulled out of their nuclear deal with Iran this week because they have not been paid in several months. Some people speculate it is actually because of pressure from the west.

    Story from the Nasdaq website.

    Russia Delays Indefinitely Opening Of Iranian Nuclear Reactor

    Tuesday, Russia announced that it was postponing indefinitely the opening of Iran's already delayed nuclear power plant as Tehran has failed to make timely payments.

    The announcement followed the breakdown of three days of talks last week to settle a disagreement over payments. The move comes as the six major powers indicated that a draft resolution on imposing further new sanctions against the Islamic republic over its nuclear defiance was imminent.

    Last week, the Atomstroiexport company announced its decision not to send its nuclear experts to Iran to complete the Bushehr nuclear power plant over non-payment. The Russians was to deliver the nuclear fuel for it this month.

    A statement from Atomstroiexport said the project would be delayed indefinitely.

    "The time frame has been moved and so the launch cannot happen in September. We simply cannot do it," a spokeswoman for the company said adding "If we cannot launch the station in September, then we cannot deliver the fuel according to the old timetable either."

    The Russians claim the Iranians have paid only a fraction of the $US25 million a month needed to cover construction costs.

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    President Bush is not afraid. Instead he is simply following an integrated strategy against Iran that 1) has effectively neutralized Iran militarily; 2) has Iran isolated diplomatically; and 3) is strangling Iran's economy.

    Just because President Bush does not do the Clinton-style useless but highly visible cruise missile attacks - does not mean that he is not dealing with the problem.

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    Iran is dangerous and must be treated seriously by the Bush administration before an attack has been launched that is too late for the Americans to react just like what happened on 9/11.

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    Even if the white house wanted to go to war with Iran, they would succeed. We do not have the necessary men equipment and money to do so. It is impossible. The only reason Iran is dangerous is becasue mr bush took out saddam who kept him in check. We do not have the army to taske out Iran. Although if isreal was attacked, you bet the U.S. would get the permission to finish the Iranian military off. In a nutshell were bogged down in Iraq, Afghanistan and couldnt pull it off. At the same time were trying to better our relation with te world and another war would put us in the worst position since hitler.

    And NOOO it doesnt justify war becasue we went to war with the damn wrong people. The people who crashed into the WTC were not from Iran or Afghanistan. Bush just wanted to sway the public for his agenda--Iraq...

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    ts media that's creates fear in the mind of people through out society in a way of creating hate towards fellow man through video ,music and TV .Its economic progress that's stops the bomb as who wants a country that is un live-able through the means of terror .Calling people pigs makes no difference .Its positive reinforcement through good intent in the media and TV that will also stop the fear of threat and will create a terror free society Its not communist to have positive reinforcement through media outlets to even stop the threat of children picking guns and taking them to schools or streets to kill the innocent .The people at the negotiating tables are the ones that must have good intent to understand what other people as saying as different races talk differently and express themselves different as well .Back in the 50's everybody had there nicknames and way of talking through what was around them as some people of today still talk like this .So what I'm talking about is to stop the threat of war understand your country then you can understand others country's and customs .No politician should fear custom but embrace it as teaches what is wrong and is also an others teachings.

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    You have to ask yourself what does Israel want out of all this really. What is their agenda. I know they are stacked here in the good old USA. We see quite clearly what they did to Lebanon. So do we play follow the leader here or do we lead. With all do respect to Saudi Arabia, and our friends in the middle east. We need a genuine pow wow a group hug. A get together maybe a cocktail party! This is a great country I hate to see it go to hell because of bad leadership, and grown men thinking only about themselves.

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    I think you'll discover that if push comes to shove, Mr. Bush will react as strongly as Jack Kennedy did. A coward he ain't.

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    some times people need to be evaluated for their mental health, perhaps that can reveal what he is really afraid of or its just a mushroom over his celebral

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    its not about bush , if it were up to bush he would nuke em all, its the pansy dem. who would rather cut funds and run. here is a taught .WW1 We were never attacked inside the u.s ,WW2 we were never attacked. Vietnam we were never attacked. 911 we were attacked . does that justify WAR??

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    war is the last option

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