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Do you believe Tubby Smith should have stayed?/Who should be the next coach of UK?

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    As a lifelong Kentucky basketball fan, I can only say this....WE LOST A GREAT COACH! With that being said, we also lost a coach that was afraid to confront his criticism at the hands of the rich boosters that support the University of Kentucky. I don't blame either party for him leaving, he's getting into a great situation in Minnesota, and I wish him the best of luck.

    With the rich tradition rivaling that of Notre Dame football, I think that Kentucky is going to be hard pressed to find someone who will be willing to accept the criticism these rednecks here bring. Donovan, Calipari, Izzo, Few, and the like are OUT! No way would Donovan come here, especially if Florida wins the tournament. That would be like Jim Tressel leaving Ohio State for Michigan. Look for Travis Ford or John Pelphrey to become involved in the program somehow. Maybe not as head coaches, but they will be around.

    (Contradicting myself, shhhhh, Donovan's not happy with the contract offer in Gainesville)

    Best of Luck To Tubby

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    Getting rid of Tubby Smith would be another team's dream. Why? They would get a great coach in Tubby Smith. I can't believe people want him out after making the tournament over and over and over again. I understand that Kentucky expects to win, but there were years where great coaches failed to make the tournament. Wait and see what happens now that kids have to go to the NCAA for a year. I think you would be shocked to find out how many kids will go to Kentucky. This sounds like the idiots who want to fire Torre because the Yankees haven't won a championship despite making the playoffs every year.

  • Tubby is a great coach, but there comes a time when you need to mix things up a bit. Kentucky has struggled the last few years (in Kentucky standards) so a new coach might be what they need to return to traditional Kentucky basketball dominance.

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    No I don't think Tubby should have stayed. Kentucky fans and backers expected too much of the talent that they had in this year. He did a good job and did as much as they could do with where they fell in the tourny. I think 'Nova's Jay Wright will be a good canidate...but he may not want to leave Scottie Reynold's because that kid is good.

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    Adolph Rupp, hell UCLA probably wants John Wooden back.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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