Going to New Jersey with kids ,what to do?

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    It depends where in NJ (although nothing is that far away in this tiny state) Also depends on the age of the children.

    Six Flags works for all ages, very easy to get to from the turnpike exit 7a.

    And the beach is great

    If opting for the beach and you would like the option of the all day visit with the boardwalk attractions, try . . .

    Point Pleasant. . .(northern) has a great amusement area with loads of rides for all ages, Jenkinson's Aquarium, eateries galore from grab a piece of pizza to sit out overlooking the water & beach for a real meal.

    Seaside (central) waterpark for the kids, loads of amusements, mini golf, eateries

    Ocean City (southern) more family oriented, rides shops eateries. Because the town has no bars or liquor stores it does not get as packed with the college crowd.

    Wildwood (southern) large beaches, long boardwalk, probably the most amusements & rides, waterpark, games eaterers also has a tram car that travels the boardwalk, so you don't have to walk it all.

    If you are looking for a quieter beach area, No boardwalk, try Island Beach state Park or any of the Beaches on Long Beach Island


    Clemton Park is located in South Jersey (not too far from Cherry Hill) They have rides & a water park area.

    There are children's museums, the aquarium in Camden, indoor play areas, fishing, boating, Land of Make Believe, Storybook Land etc.. Also many of the County Colleges run performances of children's palys throughout the year. We really have so much to do here

    Check out the NJ & You website www.state.nj.us/travel

    There are also several free publications you can order from the site , map, travel guide, lighthouse guide, etc.

    You could always do a Yahoo Map search for the areas you will be visiting & check under find on map for beaches, amusement, theaters, museums etc. Then you can get directions from where you will be to where you are going

    Source(s): Been here all my life
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    I've never been to New Jersey, but I did a search online for New Jersey tourism. I hope this will help. Click the link below. Have fun!

    Also, you didn't mention where you were going and what ages the children might be...that would help too. And how long you would be going.

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    I iwish you would have said were. I'm in NJ and think you should check our travel site because we have things from an aquarium to zoos. If summer come find a free beach. Enjoy!

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    You could go to Six Flags and then take a trip to the beach.

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