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What are some popular Mexican songs?

I have to make a cd of Mexican songs, and would like some good ones, not boring songs. =D Thanks everyone!

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    Oh, there are so many. Try anything by Jose Alfredo Jimenez, Agustin Lara, Cucu Sanchez, etc.

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    All of the songs below are by Ernesto Villavicencio

    1. Esta tristesa mia

    2. Noche Plateada

    3. Caminante del Mayab

    4. Amor de mis Amores

    5. Andale

    6. Cielito Lindo

    7. La Valentina

    8. Veracruz

    9. Cancion Mixceta

    10. Entrega Total

    11. El adios el Solado

    12. Adoro

    13. Ojos Espanoles

    14. Un Viejo Amor

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    go to an authentic restaurant and ask for a copy of the cd they play.............?

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