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How fast does a baseball travel?

How fast do baseball travel? How fast does a baseball player run? Whats the length of a Baseball field? Please answer these questions and i will give you a best answer if you do. Thanks alot! :)

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    Baseball Pitches :

    For Magor Leagues Average

    Fastball : About 90 Miles An Hour although some have been known to go as high as 102 Miles An Hour

    Changeup : About 70 Miles An Hour

    Curveball : 70-80 Miles an Hour.

    Cutter 80 MPH.

    Sluve : About 60 MPH.

    Those are the basics pitches, the Slurve -is rarley thrown though.

    A length of a Baseball field varies from the stadium, but its about 310-410 feet......It all depends on were you hit the ball (center field right field left field) and the stadium.

    Well, it depends on the player, but my guess is they run about 8 MPH - 12 MPH.

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    I'm guessing that you're an aspiring baseball player. First off, a baseball travels as fast as you can throw it, and major league pitchers can throw a little over 100 miles per hour. There is no definite speed that baseball players run. They are often slightly faster than the average person, but if you can hit well, then you won't need as much speed. If you are in the 5-13 age range, bases are 60 feet apart and it is 45 feet from the pitchers' mound to home plate. From high school up, the bases are 90 feet apart, and it's 60 feet from the mound to home. Hope this helps.

    Source(s): High school and former Little League baseball player.
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    How fast a baseball travels depends on the thrower. Arm strength is a very important aspect of speed in throwing a baseball. The length of a baseball field also varies. Comerica Park is one of the largest parks in the MLB. Some Little League fields are about 200 ft. How fast a baseball player runs depends on quickness, agility, leg strength and eye-hand coordination.

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    Depending on the hit, the baseball can travel up to 100 mph. The average distance for a baseball to travel is in the 80's and 90's.

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    I personally got a baseball going 120mph, no $hit. The the cops pulled me over. Top pitcher right now is Zumaya at @103mph. How do you measure how fast a player runs? Send them to a combine to run a 40 yard dash. Lefties will get there quicker given equal speed since they start closer. And I believe Wrigley may still have the longest lines in baseball. The deepest centerfield is over 410 feet, didn't dig into every parks dimensions.

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    how fast it travels depends on how fast the pitcher throws it, a good major league fastball is usually around 91-96 mph., but some people can touch 100mph. how fast do players run depends on the player. i bet that some of the better runners could hit a 4.4-4.5 sec. 40. the length is 90 feet to each base, so it is a 360 foot square, and you didnt ask but just so you know it is 60 feet 6 inches from the pitchers mound to homeplate.

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    A baseball travels as fast as it's hit. I'm not much of a baseball fan, but try the link.

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    The ball moves as fast as one can throw or hit. Some pitchers can throw it in the upper 90's MHP. Once again running is just like throwing, each player runs at different speed. It is 90 feet from base to base. Parks differ as far as dimensions, but typcally it is about 375-390 to right and left field, and 400-420 to center field. I hope this helps.

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    as fast as 100 mph, players can run what 10miles an hour maybe

    A baseball field is about 350-400 ft from home plate to the outfield stands

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    Super duper Fast

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