What's the most Embarrassing thing you've Done?

I went to a drug service clinic and i was waiting to be assessd cause i wana go on a methadone program, but it took ages and i was busting to go to the toilet, but then i got called in and i accidently wet myself a bit while i was talking to the nuse, so i ran to the toilet but it was too late and i was so embsrressed, but the nurse said it was o.k. cause i have anxiety & drug issues, but i still am embarressed, I wet the bed a few weeks ago and that doesn't usually happen so matbe i have a weak bladder?

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    There is really 2 things that I did that was embarassing.. One was when I was in high school me and my family went to the beach. My best friend let me borrow her bathing suit from the preivous year. We were all at the pool and my bf at the time and his best friend drove down to surpirse me. The pool was really crowded and I was really hot so I jumped in to cool off. When I got out everybody was staring at me and the next thing I know my dad pushed me back in the pool and threw me a towel.. Come to find out my bathing suit was completely see through when it got wet.

    The other was when I was married I had a dream that I had to go pee.. Well in my dream I found a toliet and sat down and used to bathroom.. When I woke I was peeing all in the bed. I had to wake up my husband and tell him that I had just wet the bed and i needed to change the sheets. To this day whenever I see my ex husband he will bring it up.. Oh and to make matters worse I didn't know he told his family and that Christmas his mom got me a package of adult diapers as a gag gift and I opened them in front of like 20 people. The people who did know then.. knew soon after

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    The most embarrassing moment for me would be when I was a freshman back in high school and it was actually our first day at school too. I was walking in the hallway with some friends and we were checking out this really cute guy. Well, I wasn't paying attention and I walked right dab into a glass display case. I had a huge bump on my head and just wanted to crawl into a hole and never come out.

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    This happened years ago, but thank god I was out with my sisters and brother. I got totally drunk off tequila. I was throwing up and had the sh*ts. I passed out on the toilet. My sister came in and said that I had sh*t all over my backside. I looked up and mumbled that I could not wipe my *** and passed out again. She cleaned me up, had her husband help bathe and get me in pj's. She said I was dead weight and she stayed with me because I kept throwing up in my sleep. I'm so happy that I dont remember anything past the passing out on the toilet but my family remind me every time we go out together.

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    toss up between getting drunk passing out then shi ting on myself and the time slipped & fell on the ice with my hands in my pockets & flopping around like a fish out of water!

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    my most embarrassing moment was when i was a freshman in high i was wearing flip flops and i slid and fell flat on my butt!! dude it was so embarrassing!! the whole class laughed at me and i turned bright red!! i almost died!!



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    The most embarrasing thing I have ever done was gotten real drunk and danced on table.

  • took a dump in my pants in the nurses office

  • slipped on a pickle in the middle of the cafeteria when i was in 3rd grade in front of everyone~ lol

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    Best wishes - you can kick the drugs!

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    got somthing wrong

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