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WHY? Is it OK for Democrats, but Illegal for Republicans?

JFK, LBJ and the Clintons used the FBI to spy on their political opponents, played dirty tricks including the planting of false evidence and pysical intimidation. There is no outcry against this. Yet when Nixon did the same he was run out of office.

William Jefferson has $90,000 in bribe money in his freezer and he still is a Democrat Congressman. Duke Cunningham takes bribes and the Republican loses his congressional seat and is in jail.

Mark Foley and Dan Crane are both Republicans caught in sex with congressional page scandals. Gary Studds a Democrat is also caught in a sex with congressional page scandal. The Republicans are run out of office. The Democrats continues as a congressman.

This could go on and on. The question is why does both the media and the legal system treat Democrats differently than Republicans.


Garry Studds RETIRED from Congress in 1997. He had won re-election 6 more times after the scandal

Update 2:

WIlliam Jefferson continues to be a Democratic Congressman. He may have lost a committee seat but he is still getting his $162,500

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    Because Democrats run the system. They control most of the media, which reports who the criminals are, even BEFORE the trial. Then, when you get to the trial, the media plays such a huge role in what people think that they do or don't know, and the MSM does the prosecution's job for them.

    Also, Republicans never take the initiative on offense. I have never heard Bush directly call out any Democrats, though his opponents are more than willing to attack him on everything.

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    To kekhojones...

    You either don't know what you're talking about, or you choose to state bald-faced lies...having seen many of your other posts, I will lean toward the former.

    Mr Jefferson is not only NOT in jail, Ms Pelosi just gave him a plum seat on the Homeland Security committee.

    Which once more goes to show that Democrats reward errant behavior, while Republicans at the very least demand those under the cloud of suspicion to step down.

    Why are the Dems not looking at the OBVIOUS misdeeds of William Jefferson (TWO PEOPLE HAVE ALREADY PLED GUILTY TO BRIBING HIN AND THE FBI FOUND THE MONEY IN HIS FEEZER!), yet the GOP chased Foley out of the House for flirting with a page and BREAKING NO LAW.

    It once again sheds light on the fact that liberalism and hypocricy go hand in hand.

    That simply can not be argued.

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    For those people that say that the Media is not liberal...they

    are stupid and live in a fantansy world. They always attack

    or question with some suspicion towards conservatives or

    Republicans. For example the 8 attorneys that were fired.

    Democrats are assuming something illegal is going on with

    in the Republican Party. And they still have no evidence of

    something illegal going on. AND MAY I REMIND THE





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    All people should extremely value the rights in the Constitution. Its wrong when the Democrats violate the Bill of Rights just as much as Republicans do. The people can't be divided on this issue to allow government to usurp the freedom that is our heritage. Two wrongs never make a right.

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    I don't see the favoritism at all. For every Democratic example you give there is a Republican example that can be given. It has to do with evidence, not favoritism. If enough evidence cannot be found to bring a case, such as with LBJ, JFK, etc. what do you expect to happen? You can't build a case on opinion and innuendo, though many Clinton haters seem to think that's enough. Bring the evidence, the indictments will follow, that's simple enough. I'm not a Democrat by the way, so I'm trying to be neutral. I think both sides claim a lot of favoritism that doesn't exist and I wish more of them would just simply concede that this pesky thing called hard evidence is the key, and stop trying to claim otherwise.

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    i am tired of the democrat/republican bitching....why dont they do away with both parties and just do their damn job and try to fix our roads, schools, jobless rates, big 3 auto mfgs. fix our illegal alien problems, ....They need to quit the e85 ethanol program which bush is sending a crapload of corn to south america which is already driving up the cost of meat, cereals, snack foods, milk etc.. it really stinks when we have to count on our church to apint the schools in our district because the schools have no money. Maybe if the gvnmt would legalize pot they'd be able to tax the crap out of it like they do booze and cigarettes. it'd ease overpopulation in the prison system. Or let farmers plant hemp which has lots of uses, oils, fibers, ropes. Canada has a hemp planting program which yielded over 30 million into their economy last year

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    It is all fixed. Don't forget J.Murtha in the taking bribes and being recorded doing so and still in office category..

    Republicans expect a hirer level of decency from our representatives then the liberals do.

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    Just one more example of how the liberals and their obedient little toadies in the media live for and thrive on their double standards. It's as simple as that.

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    Because Democrats think they are above the law.

    I can't believe all the posts I *still* see about Foley - good God, at least *we* didn't re-elect a known pedophile!!

    The media is horribly liberal-biased. Even a lot of members of the media admit that - but the Kool-Aid drinkers would rather die than admit it.

    Hypocrisy, thy name is liberal...

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    Hypocrisy. Plain and simple. It's the same thing why Hillary Clinton is getting on George Bush's case about firing 8 U.S. Attorneys, when back in 1993, her own husband Bill Clinton fired 92 out of 93 U.S. Attorneys almost immediately after he took office.

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