Systyem Recovery?

I want to do a system recovery on my husbands laptop. On my laptop it is called system recovery. We both have windows xp but his is not called system recovery. I have done it once before and it was called something else. But I dont remember what it was called. He got his laptop about a year ago. Can anyone tell me how to go about this? I've noticed his help version is even different from mine. He has Windows XP Home Edition Version 2002 Service Pack 2. I hope this helps. Thanks.


I tried system restore. That is not what I'm needing. I'm looking to do a system restore. And there is no disk, it is preinstalled in the computer. I want to bring it back like the day we bought it. He has a HP Pavillion ze 2000.

Update 2:

Sorry I'm needing to do a system recovery. Not a restore.

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    Its called system restore... go to control panel, then go to performance and maintenance, then to your left you will see the system restore icon.. click that and follow the prompts... Oh and also make sure the control panel is set to category view not classic view.... the settings for that is on the left as you first go into the control panel

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    Windows Xp has system restore and system recovery. System restore rolls your registry and driver settings back to an earlier date. That way if you install a program and it makes your computer act funny, you can roll your system back after you uninstall the program to insure your system will not crash.

    System recovery has two options. The first will recover all of your factory shipped applications to the hard drive without deleting your saved data - like your word documents - but you will have to reinstall most of your programs.

    The second option of system recovery wipes out everything on your pc and restores the factory shipped applications.

    The second option is good if you get a virus on your computer that your anti-virus can not delete or quarantine.

    You can access system restore from the start menu under accessories and system tools.

    System recovery is usally accessed by repeatedly pressing a function key during the startup process, usally F10 or F12.

    If that doesn't work, try entering the setup option that you see during startup.

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    you may be thinking about system restore

    system restore and system recovery are two different things

    system restore reverts the computer back to an earlier date when thing were running ok to get at that click start >all programs >accessories >system tools >system restore

    system recovery is when you wipe the entire hard disk and reinstall windows this isn't a job for someone without some technical knowledge

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    Is it a Dell,if so as soon as you power up push F-11 and Ctrl at startup to recovery, looking and see if they still have them....

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