how as parent do we explain this ..accused of abusing her four-year-old step daughter to the point of death?

Woman charged with homicide by abuse; documents expose new evidence

SPOKANE, Wash. - On Wednesday Adriana Lytle, accused of abusing her four-year-old step daughter to the point of death, wept as she was formally charged with one count of homicide by abuse.

The prosecutor said she was a flight risk because she has no family here, and the judge denied a motion to reduce her bail which remains at $500,000. She plead not guilty and the preliminary trial date is May 14, 2007.

Police say inside the Lytle's third-floor apartment abuse and torture led to the death of four-year-old Summer Phelps. The Lytles have admitted to using a shock collar on the girl and hitting her with a broom handle.

In documents released Wednesday there is new evidence that Summer may have been sexually abused. Investigators are quoted as saying "The severe bruises oriented over Summer's front pelvis area could be consistent with someone grabbing her from behind to control her while

The search warrant shows that a rape kit was done on Jonathan Lytle to look for any evidence he may have sexually abused the child.

Also recorded in the papers are admissions from Adrianna Lytle that when she found Summer unconcious in the bathtub in the evening hours of march 10th she "tried cpr on Summer by placing her foot in the middle of Summer's chest and pushing up and down."

Meanwhile, John Lytle admits that summer had been in the bathroom that night for nearly ten hours cleaning clothes.

It is important to note that although a rape kit was taken investigators can't say if Summer was sexually abused. Among other items confiscated from the apartment were the electronic dog shock collar, a belt, mop, and large plastic spoons believed to have been used to hit Summer, and tape with red hair consistant with Summers

Update 2:

more they are now being protected in jail

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    People like that should be shot at dawn. Coldly, just a bullet through the brain. But not before their private parts are smoothly sliced off so that they see the weapons they wielded so cruelly can hurt no more children.

    When my daughters heard about such atrocities, and they inevitably did, I gave them age appropriate explanations. In the beginning I held back details and just said something about "very bad people" and that was why Mommy always liked to know where they were.

    By the time they were teens they could read as well as I. I did not want to raise young women afraid of the world. Nor did I want them to be naive, the thing users look for in a young beauty. There is not a question they asked that did not get an age appropriate response.

    How did this child slide through the cracks for so long?

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    Approach your child's school and suggest an informative class that will discuss this topic that is done in such a way appropriate to that age group. Volunteer to be part of the discussion so that you can be a part of the learning process too.

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    I think it is disgusting that she would do this to her step daughter yet if it was her own child I doubt she would have done anything to harm it

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  • 1 decade ago

    one sick horrible ________....there is no explanation for something such as only a shame this "thing" can't experience the same treatment "it" gave to this child...I have no sympathy for creatures such as this........

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    Sad, but how are we supposed to explain this? This is a pathetic question.

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