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Where can I buy a Whizzinator in Vallejo, Ca?

My boyfriend has a drug test tomorrow at 5 pm and he needs to buy a Whizzinator but all we can find online is sites that ship it to us and there is no time for that!! Help. We live in Vallejo, California.


Well for something that doesnt exists there sure are a lot of people using it and really a lot of pictures and ads for it on the internet!

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    Having been a lab technician for many years before I became an EMT, I have to say that even if you were able to get one, it would be a waste of time and money.

    Labs have long been on to that one. We know all the tricks people use to try and fool a drug screen.

    Your boyfriend is going to have to suck it up and admit he used drugs. Using drugs is stupid anyway. I'm sorry but he's stuck.

    Many labs now have a same-sex person witness the urine collection or cameras in the bathroom so the person can be watched.

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    that thing does not exist

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