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力拔山兮氣蓋世,時不利兮騅不逝 英文點講?

力拔山兮氣蓋世,時不利兮騅不逝 英文點講?



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    I'm such an extraordinary man but not at the right time.

    That's the fiasco i've ever had. Where should i go from here?

    Source(s): By myself. Translating the spirit rather than the words.
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    Come gas unrivaled power era, when negative return piebald piebald death is not death, you can not do nothing, you take them away in member Yu Yu Xi

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    With the power to remove mountains and to change the course of rivers, I am the one who can stun the world. Nonetheless, in this adversity, even with my steed, I can find no way to sally out.

    No way to sally out! No way to breakthrough! What can I do with my dearest wife Yu?

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