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tszyan asked in 娛樂及音樂電影 · 1 decade ago

i have to do a movie report.....BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN!!!10point

how can say断背山的导演系李安........??

can anyone help me to finish the report?

all in english plz!!

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    1 decade ago
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    Brokeback Mountain (2005)


    Movie Detail:

    Directed by

    Ang Lee

    Writing credits


    E. Annie Proulx (short story) (as Annie Proulx)

    Larry McMurtry (screenplay) &

    Diana Ossana (screenplay)

    Cast (in credits order) complete, awaiting verification

    Heath Ledger... Ennis Del Mar

    Jake Gyllenhaal... Jack Twist

    Randy Quaid... Joe Aguirre

    Valerie Planche... Waitress

    David Trimble... Basque

    Victor Reyes... Chilean Sheepherder #1

    Lachlan Mackintosh... Chilean Sheepherder #2

    Michelle Williams... Alma


    Plot summary:

    In the Summer of 1963 Wyoming, two young men, Ennis a ranch hand and Jack an aspiring rodeo bull rider, are sent to work together herding sheep on Brokeback Mountain, and what had otherwise been anticipated to be a rather uneventful venture, will soon turn into an affair of love, of lust, and complications that will spand through 19 years of their lives. Through marriage, through children, and through the mighty grip of societal confines and the expectations of what it is to be a man.


    [1] Comments on this film:

    What an extraordinary accomplishment! Ang Lee presents us with something we've known about but we've never seen. Profoundly honest, stunning to look at, superbly acted. I could go on with the superlatives because I feel lifted by the experience. You've all heard the ins and outs of the subject treated here. Well, forget it, the words used are used words and do not apply here. "Brokeback Mountain" introduce us to something utterly new, daring you and me to be indifferent. The film is about us, really. Love as an unexpected blow that makes you find and confront yourself. Jake Gylenhaal gives a performance that you'll never forget. Michelle Williams and Ann Hathaway are incredibly good but the film belongs to Heath Ledger. I'm not going to talk about revelations or Oscar buzz, I'm just going to let you know that what he does in this film is so courageously beautiful, so truthful and so transcendental that his Ennis del Mar is bound to become a point of reference not just for us but for generations to come.


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