Do people know how dangerous gastric bypass (roux en y)is?

How doctors don't even know how it will affect geriatric health.....How a person can die from infection, gangrene...How someone can lose their hair from lack of protein absorbtion....How some can't stop losing weight til they die.....Why does a lot of people think it is the end all be all solution? I have a friend going thru with basically I am venting, because I am not going to scare her with this.


FYI no I am not skinny

Update 2:

That's right Chipper! What I am talking about

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    Most people don't know because the medical community has sold it to the public as a "Solution" for obese people, rather than teach them proper nutrition and exercise. Some people who do know the risk still get the surgery because they think they can get away with eating whatever they want afterwards only to find out you get put on a very strict diet after surgery. If they just followed the strict diet instead of the surgery, then people would be much better off.

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    If you have a good doctor and go to the support group YOU KNOW. But I did the surgery and I very much alive. I am 34 have diabetes since I was 17. Have diabetes neuropaty and diabetes retinopaty. Additional with high blood presure,diatetis and 10 medicines a day, How many time with good quality life do you had?

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    Some overweight people would rather die than continue to be big anymore. I know it sounds extreme but I know that people feel that way. They rather take a shot at being thin knowing the risk than live being overweight.

  • Yes. They go over the risks before the surgery so your friend should know what she could be getting herself into. I worked with a lady who had it done.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    They KNOW...they just don't care.

    It's all about the quick fix.

    The Ding Dongs and The Snowballs.

    Then the surgery to make up for the lack of self control.

  • Matt
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    1 decade ago

    well it is supposed to be a last resort. sure they can die from the surgery as with any surgery....however they have a higher chance of dieing from obeisity-related illnesses if they do nothing.

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    1% of death rate in the last 9 yeras, and 0.25% directly related to the operation... come on.. this is safer than crossing the street !

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I know, my nephew's wife's aunt died from it

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