What do you think about Michael Crichton being sued?

My aunt works for the NY Times and told me that a young writer/producer etc... will be filing a lawsuit on 3/23/07 (Friday) against this Hollywood A-Lister for copyright infringement. According to my aunt the young writer is Kevin Preusse (who uses a fake name on his movies) has a Dec. 2000 copyright on a script and it was adapted in Crichton's novel, "State of Fear". My aunt read both works and said Crichton's novel uses about 97% the content of Preusse's script, which again was copyrighted 4 years before Crichton's copyright. Do you think that the young writer has a chance or is Hollywood so dirty and powerful he will lose? The story is going to hit the public and be all over the news on Friday, once the papers are filed. I don't think it's right that such an acclaimed writer has to steal other people's work.


It's no rumor, you'll see on Friday. It's going to a federal court in Portland Oregon. I am a Crichton fan, but it's not right if it's true.

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    Well will be watching to see how this will turn out to say the least....If he has stolen works then he deserves to be found out..

    I guess it will be who has the deepest pockets and influence in the right places......Watching to see result with interest,,♥

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    wow how much were you paid to spread that rumor?

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