what solution would you recommend towards the economic stability of your country, and why?

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    I would project economic stability begins here on the home front,not in some other country first off.

    Get the dead beat dads to paying up some of the child suport they owe.So this so called future has some stability in growing and having the right to a better education and environment. Poverty sucks and everyone who is from this country knows it. We need to balance things a whole lot better than the way its been done in the past.

    Get programs for single mothers to get back on their own feet and stop mooching off the men.Offer work camps or training programs.2 years mandatory with live in features.

    Set up work groups for the teens or troubled youth.

    Support the parenting clinics and the right to choose for the young women today.

    Make international treaties with countries that we have taken under wing and have some pay the money back plan or we slowly will take it from you. Land wise.

    Set up a nationwide capital punishment .

    I dont' believe molesting a child in one state and giving that offender a year or so in jail then they get out go to another state and the time spent is sometimes even less that the original.Mandatory sentence. first offense depending on the situation and crime 10 years

    2nd flip a coin. Death penalty or 40 years

    3rd. there won't be a third.

    Alot of laws would have to be reviewed and changed modified and made to stand the years of constant changing societies.And lifestyles and cultures along with various religions.

    Any federal or government agency will automatically have to go through serious security background checks along with airline or other public agencies.

    I think a pipline should be made to pump in water from oceans to these countries that have been suffering from drought for ages. Use the technology to produce water and filter out the salts in ocean water.

    Teach humans that in order to get along you have to learn .

    Education is key in order for it to work. Less greed and more willing to see the main goal happen.

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    Know that there are no 'solutions' per se, but rather only trade-offs. The idea of economics is to allocate resources, of which there are limited supply, rationally against unlimited human wants. That being said, your question is somewhat vague and makes it sound like you don't know what you're asking or what answer you expect. It's pretty stable as it is, so my answer to you is to let markets work as they are supposed to. In other words, keep government the hell away from them. That goes for all economies. For instance, China is gaining ground economically because they finally realized they could probably make some noise if they relaxed the government restrictions and opened the market to international trade. For this country, I would stress to keep Democrats out of office because they want to tighten government restrictions. Basically, these people don't understand markets, yet would have you believe they're the highest authority on the subject.

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    Solution: Get a job. Work hard. Be happy.

    Why: Promotes accountability and responsibility.

    Fat chance, huh?

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    Look around you and see what it is that is driving this strong economy right now.

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