What is the weather like living in San Francisco, or San Jose?

I think that I would like to relocate to San Jose, or San Francisco. What are the differences if weather of some of the areas out there? I had heard that it is a lot colder near the coast, warmer inland. I also noticed that some areas seem to get about as much rain over the winter as Seattle does. But, I suspect it is warmer rain. Any information would be good. I like to rock climb and was also wondering if there is much to climb, day trips, not big walls, out in the area. What kinds of things are there to do outdoors? Thanks for any information. Good areas to live in and ones I'd want to avoid.

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    The bay area temp range is from low 50's to upper 60's [all temps Fahrenheit] 80% of the time. It sometimes does get cold, it even snows every few years though the snow melts immediately.

    Rain can be cold, but it does not freeze in most of California [except for the mountains]. We did have some cold weather this year, which means mid to low 40's with the occasional dip to 34 degrees. Damaged the orange crop, you'll be paying more for your mornin glass of oj.

    San Francisco is pretty much naturally air conditioned, surrounded on three sides by water it rarely gets above 85 even on the hottest days.

    Interestingly SF has several micro climates. The Mission is almost always sunny, the Marina, Richmond and Sunset are are often foggy. North beach is pleasant almost always, and Ocean Beach is always cold. Forget trying to swim in the Pacific here without a wet suit.

    San Jose is warmer by maybe 10 degrees most of the time because it is slightly more inland and farther east and south the weather is even warmer.

    I don't know about climbing cliffs there are many parks with canyons and mountain near SF but none actually in the city. But to compensate we have Mission Cliffs gym, a wall climb gym.

    Or if you want a real challenge, visit Yosemite and attempt half dome! Only about a 4 hour drive from the Bay Area. Worth the trip even if you don't climb-like NO PLACE else on earth.

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    yes Bay area is too hot really. In the summer it is so tough to bear without any ac or HVAC system. At this time of year, when the weather heats up and stress is put on a cooling system, the unit is more likely to break down and need repair. If nothing else, it's a good time to have maintenance done on the air conditioner.

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    Bay Area weather is difficult to define because there are so many different micro climates here. But definitely don't plan on warm rain. The city itself is generally cool and foggy. Mark Twain once said, "The coldest winter I ever knew was the summer I spent in San Francisco." Where I live just north of the city, you can be in very cold, foggy weather, drive for five minutes and go over a hill, and suddenly your in beautiful warm sunny weather.

    As for rock climbing--there are plenty of places all around the Bay Area to be outdoors. And Yosemite is not too far away.

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    the city is very comparable to seattle weather

    there are so many different bay area micorclimates though

    i live in san jose, which is basically an irrigated desert in summer

    in winter, there will be the occasional cold weeks in the 30s and then warm up to the 70s and then drop down again.

    it will rain in december then lay off then pour in late winter/spring for a long time

    it usually snows on the surrounding hills a few times a year

    summer usually is about 80 or 90 degress, with the occasional heat wave (i.e. last summer) which reached inside by air conditioned work

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    San Francisco is cool during the winter and the summer. During the summer the high is in the 60's and 50's cause of the water and wind.

    Source(s): I was there about 1 month ago.
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