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motorcycle or moped?

im looking for something cheap to get around my college campus...there a lots of hills should i go with a motorcycle or moped? models and prices would be nice :)

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    I would recommend a light motorcycle (probably a 250cc class machine, such as a Honda Rebel 250). There are two reasons for this suggestion: 1) you will have enough power to get up and down hills with good control, and, 2) the motorcycle will be much safer on roads than a mo-ped - you have enough performance capability with the motorcycle to keep from being run over by cars, and the motorcycle is, by design, more stable than a mo-ped (stronger gyroscopic forces from the wheels on a motorcycle, which is the primary force keeping the cycle upright at any speed over about 10 MPH, it's more a matter of balance on a mo-ped). A motorcycle such as a Honda 250 Rebel will usually get around 70-75 MPG, and will have no problem carrying a rider and passenger. With a luggage rack and/or saddlebags, you can also carry a lot of books, laptop, etc., something that is more difficult to do on a mo-ped. One other consideration: you can always sell a motorcycle in that class readily, and, if you buy a used one, you probably won't lose much, if any, money in the transaction. Conversely, selling a used mo-ped may be more difficult, as demand for them is quite low. The motorcycle also offers potential for use in travelling, whereas using a mo-ped even to go different places in a city can be frustrating and dangerous (no performance, difficulty in dealing with other traffic, limited range, etc.), and taking a mo-ped out of town is just not practical. The motorcycle offers a wider range of options.

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    Personally, my choice would be a small motorcycle. But I'm a little biased (only a little). 310 Pilot has laid out most of the pros / cons. Mopeds, by definition, are limited to a certain engine size and top speed (measured on level ground). Uphill speed is, of course, lower. Another thing: depending on where you live, you DO need a license (at least an auto license) to ride a Moped. A Scooter may serve your purposes. It may require a motorcycle license to operate. I hear the new ones can sustain highway speeds. Another note: Scooters are not allowed on the Interstate.

    My bias: I don't like scooters, I do like motorcycles.

    I rode my mom's Puch moped before I got my first motorcycle.

    Source(s): There are different laws in every state. The ones for motorcycles are the most common between states.
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    if there are some steep hills you may want to get a motorcycle, or maybe at least a 125 cc scooter or something, but like the other guy said you need a license, you could get a little 50 cc scooter if you think it could pull you up and down the hills, no license needed and very very little gas used

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    moped. you don't need a license to drive it. and you don't have to wear a helmet.

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