Best Military bases on the EAST / WEST Coast by branch....?

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Give me details such as cost of living, activities around base, weather, anything else you think is special--


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Camp Pendelton, Oceanside, CA (USMC)
Right next to the Ocean. Tons of stuff to do. San Diego to the south, Orange County and Los Angeles to the North.
Cost of living is outrageous. But it is the only state where in December you can get a tan at the beach and then drive two hours to the mountains and go night skiing. Also...Las Vegas is only a 5 hour drive. (I'm a native CA girl).

Camp Lejeune, Jacksonville, NC (USMC). Nice enough area. Cost of living is wicked cheap. Base housing is great now. Not much to do unless you live for shopping and steak houses. Nice areas surrounding...Emerald Isle, Atlantic Beach, Moorehead City, Wilmington. Only 4 hour drive to Myrtle Beach, SC. Rated the worst place to live for a single guy (that was in Playboy). But the city is growing and it isn't that bad of a place to live if you have kids. (was stationed there for 3 years)

Naval Base Norfolk, Norfolk, VA (NAVY). Tons of stuff to do around here...Busch Gardens, Virginia Beach, Outer Banks. Cost of living is getting a little bit out of control. Does offer a lot to do year round. Base housing leaves something to be desired. (Currently stationed here)

I hope this helps


Married to a Marine

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  • A Balrog of Morgoth answered 7 years ago
    Navy: East coast:

    Mayport, FL: Right on the beach, low cost of living, relatively small base without too many resident flag officers.

    NAB Little Creek: All the benefits of NOB Norfolk without the traffic and resident flag officers.
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