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Where are the least and most painful places on the body for a tattoo/piercing?

I would like to get a tattoo/piercing and I would like to know the least and most painful places on the body. Pain doesn't bother me, but I would like to enjoy my experience rather than sitting in pain. So if anyone knows it would be great if you could help me out. Thanks!

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    Its different for everyone so its hard to get really specific with you.

    As far as piercings go, its a shot in the dark. Least painful tends to be ear lobes and navel and the more painful tends to be cartilage piercings and generally facial piercings. Some times its bad, other times its tolerable, it all comes down to how you handle pain and the skill of the piercer. But piercings are done and over with quickly and sore for a few days to a few weeks.

    As far as most painful tattoo areas, usually anywhere close to bone, nerve endings and your joints are going to be most painful and fatty areas tend to be less painful. But no matter what it hurts even if its a little. Tattoos hurt while you get them but they don't stay sore for long, its really not that bad.

    You said yourself that pain doesn't bother you, so don't make it a deciding factor in what you do to your body. If you want something, go for it.

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    You'll find that tattoo pain is very subjective. Personally, I think the outline hurts a little and the color not at all. Others feel the opposite. I have tattoos on my lower leg, above my breast, across my lower back and encircling my wrist...I thought the lower back one hurt more than the others, and only at the outer edges. But, when I had my wrist done, the guy inking me said that he had a man pass out from the pain before when doing the wrist.

    Pain is very personal so while people can give you suggestions on what did or didn't hurt *them* it will ultimately be up to you to decide.

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    I've had experience with nose and navel piercings, neither on hurt. The nose one just makes your eye water on that side lol.

    I have a tattoo on my ankle. Hurt a little, more an annoying scratchy feeling than pain.

    Everyone's pain threshold is different, unfortunately, the only way to tell if YOU can handle the pain, is to go get it done.

    Piercings are over with quick, but can take a while to heal. If you go the tattoo route, just get a small one to start, to see if you can deal.

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    I've gotten over 9 tattooes and i'm going to be truthful tattoo's are painful especially if your getting it done for the first time. Your best bet is to get the tattoo in a area that has the most fat surrounding it. Because then it won't be as painful, but remember tattooes are addictive that is why I have 9 now. But for your first don't get it on the neck, ankle, lower back, or foot. Your better off getting on your theigh, leg, upper shoulder area, or breast area.

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    Most painful part to tattoo has to be the rib cage area and the on the back where the spine is. I don't know about the least painful and I don't know anything about piercing except when i got my nose pierced it hurt like hell. My ears lobe didn't hurt at all getting pierced though.

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    For tattoos, the most painful places are the spots where there isn't a lot of flesh between the skin and the bone. Extremely painful: sternum, clavical, elbow. Not too bad: Upper arm, forearm, thighs. The ribs and torso are somewhere in between.

    Source(s): 30 hours of tattoo work on my own body.
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    Most: Eyebrow piercing

    Ankle, Wrist Tattoo

    Nipple Piercing

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    The best place which is the least painful to get a tattoo is on your calf if you have alot of meat on it.....The two most painful and I speak from experience is the wrist and top part of back...

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    This is what I hear as to I only have my ears pierced.

    Piercings: either the tongue or belly button for most painful

    and for least, the ears or eyebrows

    Tattoos: ankle, top part of foot, and wrist for most painful and for least , back, arms, and legs

    According to my friends :o)

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    I cringe at the thought of nipple piercing, that seems painful. I've heard that the nose isn't so bad. My ears and belly were done, ears not bad, belly worse but quick and tollerable enough. Really most don't enjoy the experience as much as the result. Pierce whatever would asthetically please you most and just deal with the process.

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