I have a 1600 square foot basement I'm planning on finishing this summer. I'm curious how much it would cost.

My husband plans to do most of the work himself. We are planning on three bedrooms, one full bathroom, and a large family room. Any input would be helpful so we know how to plan a budget. Thank you in advance.

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    Hi Philys. I am a semi-retired renovator and home builder and depending on the quality you intend to go with it can range from about $12.oo to 40.oo per square foot. If you want a fairly accurate cost you can draw up a set of drawings for the plans you have for the space and take the drawings to a reputable Lumber Yard, Lowes, or Home Depot and they will do a Material List or Bill of Materials. This will be an excellent source for budgeting your project or take with you to the bank for a renovation loan if you require one. The Bill of Materials does include labor costs, but you can use the drawings or plans and have the sub-trades give you a quote but remember to have them guarantee that quote for 30 or 60 days and ask them the sign it. This will guarantee you that they will not raise their price if you give them the job.

    Renos911 c/o Carlos. I am from Ontario, Canada but this is an industry standard in the US as well.

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    Give the ten to Crash, no offense to any others. Your issue can easily be resolved as a DIY with a materials list and measurements, taken to those major Home stores and they will give you costs within a range so you can decide how to budget the job.

    Among other things the list might include

    Framing studs


    Hardware for the installations


    Drywall accessories / Mud/ tape/ sanding ?



    Doors and framing


    Source(s): 45 plus years as a contractor
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    price 2x4-s `tile`~plaster board~electrical~paint~carpet~toilet~vanity~plumbing~mirror~nails~plaster~depends upon the size actually to give you an exact cost good luck

    Source(s): 40 yr contractor
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