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Sarcoptic Mange?

My friends dog has several spost on his back that oose clear to white liquid and he constantly chews on them, she has tried meds for hotspots and even switched his food. he doesnt ahve fleas and hes the only dog that has it. she has another dog and 2 cats, one cat has sevral scabs and her hair is falling out. could they have sarcoptic mange?

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    The spots oozing white liquid could be a sign of Atopic Dermatitis a.k.a. Moist Eczema. Your friend should get a professional opinion from the vet. If it is Moist Eczema, it is easily treated by a vet.

    The following page will give you plenty of information on dog skin disorders including Atopic Dermatitis and all forms of Mange in dogs. I've also included a page on other common skin problems caused from allergies, etc.

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    I found a really good company who specializes in Mange a while back when I needed help. They are called PetsBestRx. They have an exceptional staff who are very knowledgeable on the different kinds of mange and they work with you until the mange it actually gone.

    They also work with your vet if you would like. I bought their immune boosters and their mange kit. My dog was pretty bad off and had a lot of infection. I highly recommend this company and their products. They helped me out tremendously on more than one occassion.

    www.petsbestrx.com/mange 1-866-314-8917

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    She would have to take him to have a skin scrapping at the vet it could be a number of different parasites and yes fleas can do that I use bag balm, also rid can be used for lice, mites, it is the same as you use on a kid with lice, bag balm can be bought at walmart in a green tin by the pharmacy. Could also be allergies and I use benedryl for allergies. but like I said a skin scrapping is the best to diagnose and treat what is going on. Could also be a bacterial skin infection.


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    There is that possibility. She needs to have the vet do a skin scrape asap. Sacoptic mange is contagious.

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    Possibly yes - only a skin scrape with tell for sure. They need to go to the Vet.

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    It sounds as though your friends dog needs to visit her vet for proper diagnosis and treatment for her dog. Please tell your friend to seek medical attention for her dog. Good Luck.

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