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how do you feel about the recall of the cat food?

the recall that is affecting so many pets

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    First I want to express condolences to everyone who has lost a pet from a menu foods product. Second I want to thank everyone on this site for possibly helping to save my cat (still waiting to see is she recovers).

    2 days ago I came to this site looking for answers, I found lots of testimonials about sick and dying pets. I called my wife and told her it’s worse than we thought and to take the cat to the Vet. immediately. He was suspect because of the symptoms (listless, drinking and peeing a lot) so he pulled blood work. The blood work showed some kidney damage (by the enzymes the kidneys were spilling into the blood). He said that typically these enzymes don’t show up until about 75% kidney failure has occurred, so he anticipated Felix (my cat) had suffered at least that much damage. He also said that there are 2 types of kidney damage chronic (happens over many years and isn’t reversible) and acute (from a toxic insult) there has been some success in reversing some of the damage of the acute type if it is treated soon enough).

    If you think you dog or cat is not behaving normally take it to your vet and have a blood panel run!

    If your vet doesn’t take you seriously enough take you pet to another vet!

    This poising epidemic is much more wide spread than the news has been letting on, thousands of animals may die from this before they know why.

    Stop feeding the pet food immediately!

    Freeze the open pouches or cans and hold onto the unopened food! (don’t throw away the evidence).

    Veterinarians and the FDA are collecting samples of food their affected patients were eating.

    Last word of advice, don’t be angry at Wal-Mart, Eukanuba, Iams etc. none of them whished or wanted something like this to happen. Menu Foods is another story, we can be angry with them!

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    The recall sucks for those effected. But Menu foods is GARBAGE! They always have been and always will be. I hope this incident will open people's eyes and help them get a clue in real pet nutrition! There are so many better brands out there! For the price you pay for something like Science Diet, you can buy a food that is actually good for your pet without all the by-products and filler! Please do the research on your pet's food! I don't mean to be rude, but if the owner's of the effected pets hadn't been buying their pet's food from the grocery store, none of this would have happened. It was a wheat gluten causing all the problems-that ingredient is worthless to pets and shouldn't be in pet food in the first place!

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    My primary feeling is GRATITUDE to the Cat community out here for pointing me in the right direction to learn about cat nutrition, which in turn helped me to choose a very good canned food for my two cats.

    None of those recommended brands were on the list of affected foods.

    Not only that, but my crash course in cat nutrition taught me what things to avoid in cat foods and how to read the labels.

    If the problem with the foods was indeed wheat gluten, as I've been hearing (still just a rumor as far as I know), then it was the things I learned out here that kept me away from that ingredient, among others.

    And of course deep sympathy for those who have lost pets or whose babies are sick as a result.

    I also feel HOPE that this will spur others on to learn more about proper feeding of cats, so that they too can reap the benefits of a proper diet.

    It's a sad wake up call, but I just hope it will have a bright side!

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    The whole thing is horrible. I work at a vet's. Today I saw my first casualty, an eleven month old cat (who was also a staff favorite), who belonged to an elderly woman who otherwise lives alone. The cat ate special kitty canned food, and had UNBELIEVABLE kidney failure. It was one of the worst cases I have personally seen. He had completely stopped eating and was going downhill fast. I cried. I felt so bad for the cat, who was just eating what he was given, and what he liked. I feel so sorry for the woman, who is all alone again, and who was giving the cat the food she always gave him without ever expecting anything to be wrong. I am hating menu foods right now. That's how I feel.

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    I'm angry, very angry.

    My cat is suffering from kidney failure after eating one of the recalled lots of food from IAMS.

    It is a tragedy that it happened, but to not answer consumers worries or offer advice is unforgivable.

    Best advice so far has been this web address

    Petsmart, where I bought the tainted food DID have compassionate, knowledgeable and friendly people staffing the phones this weekend.

    I am angry at IAMS/P&G and Menu Foods...

    Did they staff their phones? No.

    Did they collect user emails/contact information and keep them updated? NO.

    Did they wait till 4pm on a Friday (before St. Patricks day) to make the statement? YES.

    Shame on them.

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    it doesn't surprise me look at human food now pet food I don't think it's accidental you have too many terrorists in this country living and working where they want and where they shouldn't be they contaminate things all the time people have died and now pets these people that does this don't get caught because the companies always says an accident happened how many more accidents will occur America needs to send all these foreigners back where they came from

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    I herd Menu food knew about it but delayed releasing the info to the public..most of the cats that died were pet food tasters...

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    I am very angery about it because People don't know if its going to be the dry food next . I have been checking different News and they say different things that is the cause.

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    Cheap companies make cheap and unhealthy pet food. That's how it is. It'll never change and all you can do is buy better food.

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    i would like to know the real number of pets effected by this.

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