If the vast majority of people in the US, Iraq, and Afghanistan don't support Bush, who is he working for?

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    If the vast majority of people in the US, Iraq, and Afghanistan don't support Bush, who is he working for?

    Who is bush working for?

    Sweet man, he has some very powerful friends that he works with. Let me find a little information for you. By the way, don’t think if there is a change of the official administration in 2008, things are not slated to improve for America. There are some grim times ahead for America. In fact, I propose that the man who will be the hardest to keep out of the presidential office will be Arnold Swarzenegger. Just be prepared for that eventuality because he will make Bush look like a waltz in the park. He is being groomed, just as the Senate is being groomed to accept a non American born President who has always dreamed of being a dictator and who has, as do the Bush cartel, strong ties to the European Nazi elite.





    Oops! Sorry, back to Bush. LOL. My point is that the men who plan Arnold’s career with him, the Bilderbergs, the Rockefellers, the Rothschild’s, the Vatican, are the same men who have backed and used the Bush cartel from the days of Great Grandpappy Prescott Bush to dear GeorgeW today. The Bush clan has lived out its political usage for the Illuminati and I really don’t see Jeb or Billary or Mrs. Rudy G. in the oval office.

    Bush works for the cartel. These are the people who called for war. These are the people who make absolutely billions from the proliferation of arms. War not only helps reduce the population but it keeps them entertained much as chess keeps an ordinary man entertained. He is not the brightest colour on the palette and must be controlled, that is where Dirty Dickie comes in to serve as puppet master. A more self-serving criminal there has never been in the White House. All of the men around Bush are absolute scoundrels with the lowest possible denominator motivating them. Greed and power are their absolute goal.



    Americans are Rothschild Proxies in Iraq


    Elite Sets the Stage for World War Three

    Something very worrisome is happening. Some of Rockefeller's best toadies oppose the Iraq war. But Rockefeller and his ilk are responsible for this war. What gives? It appears the global elite is dividing its minions into two "house teams" again. The last time this happened we had the Fascist-Communist slugfest called World War Two. The same satanic cabal controlled both sides and picked Germany to take the fall.

    This time, the U.S., Britain and the "coalition of the willing" are on one side. On the other are France, Germany, Russia and China. The centre of global power is moving to China, Europe and Russia. There will be a world war over Iran and control of Middle East oil. The U.S., overextended from Kuwait to Korea, will come up short. The Iraq war is an excellent way to wear down American resources so that they are weakened when things really begin to move along according to the agenda planned by the N WO elite.

    The US will find itself increasingly isolated and vilified as a result of the Iraq war. I suspect the hidden agenda is to bring down the world's last superpower; to replace the UN with a new instrument of "world government"; to kill a lot of people, and to wean Americans off democracy and their high standard of living.

    Jimmy Carter, Nelson Mandela, George Soros, Mikail Gorbachev are all globalist elder statesmen-for-hire. Curiously, they all oppose the Iraq war. Jimmy Carter, a creation of Rockefeller's "Trilateral Commission" publicly supported more UN inspections. Mikhail Gorbachev said the war is a big mistake. Nelson Mandela called it a "tragedy" and warned Bush was plunging "the world into a holocaust."

    Financial maven George Soros said:" The Bush doctrine is grounded in power; legality and legitimacy are decorations." Finally, Walter Cronkite, who is linked to Rockefeller's CFR warned:

    "We are going to be in such a fix when this war is over, or before this war is over. Our grandchildren's grandchildren are going to be paying for this war. I look at our future as, I'm sorry, being very dark."

    The leaders of Russia, France, Germany and China also voiced opposition with uncharacteristic bluntness. They must have the OK of the global money masters. "Military action ... is a big mistake," Vladimir Putin said. “Iraq has presented no danger..." China urged the US and Britain to halt their military actions. France, Russia and Germany all refused a U.S. request to close their Iraqi embassies. North Korea apparently is preparing for war.

    Before World War Two, a faction of the British and American elite built up Hitler. This was known as the "policy of appeasement." After Hitler fell into the trap of attacking Poland, they did a "sleight of hand" and replaced the accommodating Chamberlain with the defiant Churchill. Iraq is a similar trap. The United States has squandered the sympathy and good will it earned on Sept 11. The images of the World Trade Centre have been replaced in the world's mind by the spectacular explosions in Baghdad.

    The US comes across as a bully too cowardly to pick on anyone its own size. Notch this victory up besides its thrashing of Grenada, Panama and Serbia. The gloating by US TV commentators is particularly distasteful to the outside world. It is propaganda at its darkest. The damage to America's moral authority is incalculable. After this war, who will have sympathy for Americans if Chinese atomic bombs rain down on Los Angeles and New York? The devil degrades his victims before he destroys them.

    For almost 100 years, the American leadership class has belonged to an international cabal that is determined to dissolve all human loyalties, including the nation state, and establish a global tyranny. George Bush, who is part of this cabal, has led the American people into a trap.

    Who in their right mind would deliberately alienate 1.3 billion Muslims? Of course Hussein was a bad man but this was not the motive. The U.S. is acting as gofer for the Zionists and the oil cartels, two leading parts of the cabal. They come out ahead while Americans will foot the bill and take the brunt of Muslim indignation. Can the U.S. even count on Israel? At his trial, Israeli Spy Jonathon Pollard was called "the greatest traitor in the history of the United States” In the words of CIA Director George Tenet, Pollard, an American Jew, stole "every worthwhile intelligence secret we have." In the year prior to his arrest in Nov. 1986, Pollard transmitted "over 360 cubic feet of top secret paper to Israel," his trial was told.

    According to Thomas, Israel's Mossad routinely trades information and technology with China's Secret Intelligence Service. Pollard's information could have commanded a pretty price. Thomas says the theft from Los Alamos of the last 50 years of US nuclear research was also a joint Mossad-Chinese operation. He says an Israeli team inspected the American EP-3 spy plane the Chinese forced down in April 2001.

    But Israeli espionage must be seen in the context of the treachery of the American political elite in general. During the Clinton Administration, there was massive transfer of critical military technology to China. For example, in late 1994 the Chinese bought and dismantled a McDonnell Douglas plant in Columbus OH that allowed them to produce ultra-modern airplanes and silkworm cruise missiles.

    This technology transfer is continuing under the Bush Administration. Consider the recent sale to China of a GM plant in Valparaiso IN, laying off hundreds of workers and moving sophisticated equipment used for making smart bombs. This transfer of nuclear and other technology to China is reminiscent of what took place after World War Two when secrets of the atom bomb were provided to Russia.

    Can you see the pattern? Russia and China belong in the cabal and are being used to subjugate the United States. China is to be the new hub because its people are already used to tyranny. In another parallel with the past, American industry is relocating to China and other low-cost countries. At least 3.3 million US white-collar jobs and $136 billion in wages will shift there by 2015. Similarly, Wall Street invested heavily in Nazi Germany in the 1930's. Standard Oil (through subsidiary I.G. Farben owned in part by Prescott Bush), General Motors, Ford, ITT and IBM were mainstays of the Nazi war machine.

    In conclusion, while Americans are distracted by jingoism and jiggle, they are being set up for a nasty fall. The leadership class has already "left the building" as it were. Consider Halliburton’s recent announcement of relocation to Dubai as just the continuation of the end game. The end of the Iraq war will find the United States isolated and reviled. As the Bush cabal tries to push its advantage, it will come into conflict with China and other nuclear powers. A major confrontation will ensue and an overextended US will be humbled. Americans will take a greatly reduced place in a new world order.

    Americans should direct their anger not at their country but against their political and cultural elite, which is corrupt, cowardly, and traitorous.

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    He is working for the New World Order which involves enriching the wealthiest and most powerful and dominating the rest of the world's population with mercenaries who will do anything for the right price. If you compare his rise to power with that of despots in the past, you'll see that his plan of action isn't much different. The World trade Center was his Pearl Harbor,his Reichstag fire. His support comes from the same families, including his own, that supported the Nazis. The dollar sign is their "swastika" and they still appeal to the worst human prejudices in mankind to motivate their followers. The saddest part of it all is the number of people that keep buying their propaganda. I've often wondered what kind of people the Germans were that allowed Hitler to take their country over. I no longer wonder. They're all around us, slobbering in their stupidity, blind to the truth, and praying for the destruction of all those "bleeding hearts" that don't agree with their cruel philosophy. They see in Bush a man who will do what they would do if they could....... "mess with us and we'll kill you."

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    People love to hate Bush, yet seem to forget the US government has more than just an executive branch. Bush could be easily cut-off from power if an actual vast majority was against him....but he hasn't been. There hasn't been too many US Presidents who weren't disliked by a large group of people, American or foreign.

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    If i was religious i`d suspect him of working for the devil .but as i`m not all i can say is its has to be either the super rich who are pulling the strings or maybe Zionists who are supporting Israel .who ever he is working for its most definitely NOT the poor deluded people in his own country who he`s pumping full of hate and lies Hes protecting them from nothing thousands are coming back from Iraq to get sick and die the same as they came back from the gulf war contaminated by their own Depleted Uranium munitions .and the consequences will get passed on through generations


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    For his ego !!

    Actualy he is working for the American economy but in a very wrong way....becuase this is costing the lives of American army, Iraqis and Afghani civillians and that is a brutal way of getting something which is actualy owned by someone else and they have the right to use it actualy ...........simply a selfish attitude ! "kill others for your own sake" and then misguide the world about it !! and thats why even Americans have turned agaisnt him !! what a misery that would be that after all his evil efforts he realise that it was totaly a waste becuase his own people hate him for this ! I wish every county would sit contented in their own territory and let this world live in peace !

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    did neoconammo really say what I think he did above? How absolutely hysterical. Who wants the world to believe that and why? Since when is 30% a majority(approval polls).

    Neocammo, it is ok that you are a Republican. Just stop making things up.

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    Starbucks. It's a big global domination thingy.

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    the majority supports President Bush, we just want the world to think that way at this time.

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    Saudi Arabia, and the Order of Death [Skull & Bones].

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    Cheney & Rove

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