jehovahs witnesses jeremiah 10:13 sluices footnote for psalms 135:7 literally lightnings?

does anyone have a jts vol 3 1952 pg 214-216 could you post it in your answer?is it or is it not lightning?or is it a literal sluice that diverts rain water?


JTS Journal of Theological Studies, Clarendon, Oxford.

Update 2:

“Sluices,” by reading beda·qim′ instead of bera·qim′, “lightnings”; MTLXXSyVg, “lightnings.” See JTS, Vol. 3, 1952, pp. 214-216. Compare Ps 135:7 ftn, “Sluices.”

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    A better authority is the Bible itself. In both books, the lightnings are literal. There are no sluices mentioned in any way.

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