Are there any comic writers better than or comparable to Alan Moore?

I'm kind of new to comics, and Watchmen is the best thing I've read so far. I'm planning on reading everything by Alan Moore I can get my hands on, but are there any other comics writers that are in his league? Frank Miller doesn't do it for me, neither does most Marvel stuff. Any suggestions?


I suppose the thing I like best about Moore's writing is its realism. The characters in Watchmen seem like real people who live in a real world - their decisions are motivated by their personal morals, politics, beliefs, etc. There's action and a plot, but the book is driven mostly by the power of its ideas, rather than a simple good vs. evil story.

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    Yes..If you like Moore check out Neil Gaiman's The Sandman, Garth Ennis's The Preacher (also check his run on The Punisher) Also Brian Micheal Bendis,Mark Miller and Joss Whedon (creator of Buffy) and Grant Morrison are great. Check out V for Vendetta also written by Alan Moore. Oh you don't like Miller ? Well you should check out Frank Millers take on Batman The Dark Knight Returns and The Dark Knight Strikes again.

    Personal myself I like Neil Gaiman, He his my favorite writer of all time.

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    Better than Moore? Probably not. But in addition to Morrisson, Whedon, Garth Ennis, and Neil Gaiman (all previously mentioned), also look out for Brian K Vaughn, specifically a series called "Y: The Last Man."

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    Checkout on the classic writer such as Will Eisner and Pat Mills (great fantasy writer).

    Well.. I have to admit Alan Moore is my favourite writer.

    Another nice storyline is 'The Ballad of Halo Jones'

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    Claremont, Alan Davis, Garth Ennis are good.

    Mark Millar is good.

    Bendis is another good writer.

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    what is it that you like about Moore? I've always like Chris Claremont's stuff and Alan Davis

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    I fantastically recommend in spite of befell to the guy of the following day?" and "best." the first one is a non-canon tale about how Superman supposedly "dies". "best" is a tribute to the silver age DC universe, including the Justice League, Superman, even the Justice Society.

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