How to host a foreign exchange student?

My family and myself would love to host a foreign exchage student but we do not know how to do it. We need your help!!!

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    Depending on your location, your best bet is to contact the English First program (generally referred to as EF). Contact them at On their homepage, there is a "Host a foreign exchange student" link. You can also reach that page through this address:

    EF is a great program. My family has hosted two students through this program and I took a tour of Western Europe which was also directed by this program and all of my experiences have been positive. All the information you need is on this page. Post any more questions you have.

    Good luck.

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    Contact the local high school and find out if they participate in any kind of exchange program like AFS. My family hosted a young man from South Africa when I was in high school. It was really great having a "big brother" for a year.

    We also hosted an international Scout just a few years ago. Call your area's Girl Scout Council, our council hosted young women from Europe to work at our camps as camp counselors for the summer. They need families to pick them up at the airport, transport them to camp and host them on the days that the camp is closed and they are "off duty" and can't stay at the camp. We had a wonderful young lady from the Netherlands with us....she fit right in with our three girls. We spent the summer planning local sight seeing trips, learning some dutch, learning about dutch cooking and the scouting program in the Netherlands. It was great! We miss her terribly and unfortunatly lost contact with her after a couple of years....

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    My family hosted an exchange student. My dad's a member of the rotary club in our town. It's like the lions or kiwanis clubs, and they have an exchange program so when someone wanted to come to Chicago using the rotary club's program they had to go through the local chapter here. Then the club just asked members, "who wants to take in an exchange student?" Soooo, you could check with a local club like that I suppose, they might let you take in students even if you're not a member.

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    I was an exchange student through Youth For Understanding.

    You could volunteer to host for them. Just go to their website.

    They are desperate to get host families, so as long as you are fit to host you'll be hosting a lot of students fairly soon!

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