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do you know the greatwall on internet?

I'm in PRC, i can view any non-Chinese websites without restrictions.

I can also view some oversea websites in Chinese normally,but I can't sign in and send my opinions.

it said that there is a network soft called internet firewall which is created by Chinese Gov and used to restrict the news and speech.

I'm waiting the day when i can post my speeches on Yahoo taiwan website, now I can read only.

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    the great firewall of china as it has been dubbed is a rediculous restriction of freedom i didnt even know existed anymore. i await the day with equal anticipation that you can post those speeches. or post them through me email me ill site you.

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    1 decade ago

    It is refreshing to hear from you.

    Don't give up. Your nation is becoming a financial giant among nations.

    Big money and global trade will not coincide long with the restrictions that your government imposes on it's citizens.

    China is a great nation and your people have an ancient and wonderful culture.

    The day is coming when those two things will be combined with freedom and democracy.

    When that happens, you will be applauded the world over.

    Take care...

    Let us hear from you.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You have spirit and see the light. Good luck. #1 is a good guy too for offering a hand.

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