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Anonymous asked in TravelAfrica & Middle EastIsrael · 1 decade ago

People of Israel?

I am doing a power point presentation on Israel and I need a little help

Was Israel affected by the Hollocost?

Where did some Jewish or Israeli people come from?

How can a Russian be a Jew? (I'm one, but my religion is Christianity, but I hear I am part Jewish, how and why?)

Ethinic groups?

and other helpful info that does not insult and/or harm anyone

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    1 decade ago
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    1) Israel was affected by the Holocaust. 6 million Jews were killed during this time, and so, nearly every Israeli Jew has some connection to the Holocaust (even if their family wasn't directly impacted). The Holocaust has also had a profound impact on the mentality of the nation. In light of the Holocaust and years of conflict with the Arabs, many Jews are of the mentality to never again allow ourselves to be in a position of weakness and vulnerability.

    2) Israelis come from all over the world. Some have family who have been living in Israel for many generations while others come from such places as Russia, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, India, Ethiopia, Morrocco, France, and so on.

    The Jewish people originally come from Israel (even those whose families most recently come from Poland and Russia), and there have been many published genetics studies which verify this.

    3) Jews have a history of transience and displacement, moving (or being forced to move) from one country to another, which is why you have Jews in Russia of all places. Also, the Khazars of central Asia converted to Judaism over 1000 yrs ago, and some of their descendants today are Russian Jews.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    To answer your question we have to look at the history of the Jewish people who lived in east and west Europe.

    After the Inquisition in Spain many Jews in Europe were forced to live in ghettos and racism against Jews was found every where in east and west of Europe.

    After the industrial revolution in Europe and birth of the European statehood many states started to colonize other nations in the 3 world for raw materials. Some rich Jews started to use the colonial policy to enhance their personal goals by using the Jewish question.

    The European colonial policy was based on divide and conquer and to divide the Middle East they used both Arabs and Jews. They used the Arabs to revolt against the Turks by promising them an Independence and united Arab state. The rich Jews had in mind a colony for Jews to make money not to make wars and in some of their writing about the issue they named many places beside Palestine to be their colony.

    The Zionist movement alliance with colonial power was based on how to get the Jews out of Europe by all means. The Zionists were able to get a promise from colonial England with the blessing of both France and Russia. It was called the Balfour declaration.

    The Europeans colonialist plan for the Jews in the Middle East is to divide the Arab world geographically into 2 parts: East and west and Israel in the middle and to keep the middle east a war zone forever. The failure of colonial Zionist political parties to produce a lasting peaceful life for Jewish citizens

    Zionist peace is the missing link in the Jewish State.

    The Holocaust was the conclusion of the colonial policy which was used by both Zionists leaders and the European governments.

    Most of the Holocaust survivals did not move to Israel but to other places like USA.

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    A power point should use photos:

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    i think wikipedia well help you for a non- bias information so search the cite

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