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English grammar?

How many tenses are there?English grammar only.

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  • anlarm
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    There are three basic tenses:

    Present, Past, and Future

    These have four sub categories each:

    Simple, Continuous, Perfect, Perfect Continuous


    I write (simple present)

    I am writing (present continuous)

    I have written (present perfect)

    I have been writing (present perfect continuous)

    Source(s): I have been teaching English as a foreign language for thirty years.
  • Anonymous
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    "Morphologically?" He must mean the form that the verb takes. Let's look at an example sentence: Were I a duck, I would fly out here quick. Were here must be the same as present or past tense model. I can only think of "Were you a duck? " That is past tense. Or maybe he is not talking about this at all. Or maybe he means that you form all other tenses using elements of the present and past tenses.

    So basically I would say that morphologically

    is the answer to your question. I suspect that you wanted to know a specific morphologically including the number of variations. But that is not what you asked at all. You just want the number of variations. Or do you want the names of all the tenses and examples of each -- someone has given you that. I am thinking there may others that you haven't heard of yet.

    I can think of pluperfect.

  • John P
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    4 years ago

    The English language, if you analyse it fully, has a large number of tense forms. In reference to the past, especially, there are very subtle distinctions between the uses of the various forms, and only several years of native familiarity with how those forms are used could make you a "natural user" of all those forms in ways that would make your speech and writing indistinguishable from a mother-tongue user of English.

    Indeed, in theory there are only 3, or possibly 4, "tenses" in English, but that does not state the real usage.

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    Three simple tenses: Past, present and future...

    And four "sub-category" tenses that branch off from the first three: perfect, continuous and perfect-continuous.


    Simple past - I studied.

    Simple present - I am studying.

    Simple future - I will study.

    Past perfect - I had studied.

    Present perfect - I have studied.

    Future perfect - I will have studied.

    Past continuous - I was studying.

    Present continuous - I am studying.

    Future continuous - I will be studying.

    Past perfect-continuous - I had been studying.

    Present perfect-continuous - I have been studying.

    Future perfect-continuous - I will have been studying.

    What the first answerer said is also true, all are based on past & present, but this is a more detailed list.

    Hope that helps.

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    There are 3 tenses. Past, present and future.

    Then there are 4 sub-catagories (for want of better word).

    Simple, continuious, perfect & perfect continuious.

    Simple present ~ i STUDY english everyday

    Simple past ~ i STUDIED english

    simple future ~ i WILL STUDY english

    Continuious Present ~ i AM STUDYING english

    Continuious Past ~ i WAS STUDYING english

    Continuious Future ~ i WILL BE STUDYING english

    Perfect Present ~ i HAVE STUDIED english

    Perfect Past ~ i HAD STUDIED english

    Perfect Future ~ i WILL HAVE STUDIED english soon

    Perfect Continuious Present ~ i HAVE BEEN STUDYING english

    Perfect Continuious Past ~ i HAD BEEN STUDYING english

    Perfect Continuious Future ~ i WILL HAVE BEEN STUDYING english

    Source(s): My brain
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Present simple..I go

    Present continuous..I am going.

    Past simple...I went.

    Past perfect...I have gone.

    Imperfect..I was going.

    Pluperfect...I had gone.

    Future simple..I will go.

    Future continuous..I will be going.

    Future conditional...I would/should go.

    You could add more like' I had been going' and 'I would have been going' but it just complicates matters further.

    Three are enough..past, present and future.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    There are only one "tenses" but there are many "thousandses".

  • MK <><
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    1 decade ago

    Agree with the first Answerer

  • 1 decade ago

    Morphologically only two: present and past. Everything else is a construction based on those two forms.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i get tense when people ask questions i don't know the answers that one as far as i know.theres probably more though

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