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How can I find Michael Crichton's publisher, agent or lawyer?

I am filing a case of Copyright Infringement as his, "State of Fear" novel is based on my 2000 copyrighted screenplay, "Unnatural Disaster". Is there an easy way to find the publisher, agent, lawyer that represents him?


***I know who the publisher is, I need the Publishing agent, there is a difference! The publishing company won't tell me.

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    LOL - Best of luck to you. Try his website. If you're going to sue the guy, you should at least be able to find out who his publisher is. It's right on the inside of the book. Pax - C.

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  • lare
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    What, you are saying, there is a major novel that was published without a copyright being registered? wow. Or have you just not bothered to check in with the copyright office. Doesn't really matter, you want to sue the publisher, they have the money and are profiting from your allegedly original work. who cares about the agent.

    It is pretty simple, go to copyright court and point out that the novel was stolen by person or persons unknown and sue the publisher for triple damages. i can guarantee the publisher will produce the author. Then show how this author came over one day, ransacked your office and got the goods. Having a surveilence video will help. However if Mr Michael claims he wrote his book from his own thoughts then thank him, offer to pay his court costs and take out a loan on your house to pay your lawyer.

    want any other advice??

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    If you are a serious writer, you should already know that the publisher is shown on one of the first few pages of every book.

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    Usually in the acknowledgments in the book, the author thanks his editor, agent, and various other people.

    Janklow and Nesbit is (or at least was) the literary agency representing Mr. Crichton.

    Janklow and Nesbit

    445 Park Avenue

    New York, New York 10022

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  • Dan A
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    Unless you can prove Michael Crichton ever saw your "script," then you do not have a lawsuit.

    Crichton is a talented writer and he doesn't need to steal ideas from unknown people like yourself. Leave him be, you know he can counter-sue you right?

    It's wise you just leave it be, my man, trust me.

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