Real state investment 5 yr from now.?

Last year i bought my house as an investment house, I'm currently living in it. I'm looking in to selling it about four years from now. I got it for 200k and it got valued at 225k. It's wise to invest my savings in to home improvements to gain value when i sell my house 4 yr from now? Will the market turn within next four years?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Everything hinges on your location, right down to the neighborhood and street. The entire USA is undergoing a softening of the real estate market. The locations that will recover the quickest will be the fastest growing areas of the country. For example, the market is likely to recover faster in Phoenix or Tucson, AZ than it is in Dayton, OH.

    Even within a given town or neighborhood, some homes will appreciate faster and sell quicker than others. It is all about supply and demand in your specific area.

    Best advice is to get real familiar with the real estate market in your area. While the nationwide market is likely to change one way or another in the next four years, the general trend may not match the trend in your neighborhood. Depending on where you live, it could go either way. The only way to know is to do your homework.

    Good luck with your real estate investments.

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