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Computer experts only.....please read on?

Would the following spec be supported by a 220w power supply?

Intel pentium 4 3.00ghz

Micro Atx mother board

1gb DDR2 533MHz ram

CD/DVD rom player

80gb hard drive

256mb windows areo capable graphics card

Thank you very much!!!!!!!

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    I'd suggest getting a 300 - 350w, better safe than sorry.

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    The best way to determine this is to look at the elec specs on each piece of hardware you have in the PC and see exactly what the power consumption is for each item.

    Just add up the power consumption in watts of each item and the total watts will tell you how big a power supply you need.

    It is normally best to NOT go with something that meets your needs on a minimal basis.

    e.g. If your total power consumption is estimated at 200 watts it's best NOT to go with a 220.

    Power supplies are relatively cheap and I would put in a 300W supply or even greater. It doesn't hurt anything to have more "potential" there than you need and the difference in price between a 220 and a 300 is pure pocket change.

    Hope this helps.

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    A 220w supply should power your system,but the real question is how long will the PSU last?I suspect that it would be taxed to the limit.That would shorten it's lifespan considerably.For the price I would go with at least a 400w supply.These days they are cheap.

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    I would use a min of 350w. Your initial power up will tax a 220w power supply so it may end up having a shorter life. You might spend a little more now for a 350w or more, but it will pay for itself in the long run.

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    You should play it safe and ask this question at the help option of the manufacturer(s) website of the equipment that you own. It is very risky to take advice on a subject like this from a total stranger.

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    No floppy drive or case fan?

    I would go with 300 to be may later add another CD/DVD drive or hard drive.

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    Yes it would, but its best to run a 350w min when running a P4 ATX board.

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    Yes! Simple but correct answer!

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