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Do you think it would be a fair compromise to fly the Stars and Bars instead of the other Confederate Flag.?

Do you feel this would allow people to show thier support for their family and history without being hateful? I feel it would be a winning situation and a show of merit to do so. The flag is less associated with hate and actually more historical. I know there is still the debate over the true meaning of the war but could this be a step for supporters to take in good will?

What do you think?


O.K. let me try to explain a little more. I am not asking your personal opinions about the flags but rather the notion of compromise. Do you feel that the COMPROMISE would be a good gesture.

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    I know the war wasn't about slavery till '63, and with Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation, slaves were freed only in the South. There were many reasons for the war and the death toll was high. Those who feel that they should fly a Confederate flag should do so. This flag was not founded on hate, even though we are taught that.

    Lincoln threatened a way of life, a culture by invading the South. Sides had to be picked, and by flying that flag underneath our flag would be okay to do. This way the South can honor its heroes, their family members that died in the War.

    My ancestor for the preservation of the Union, while the others fought for state rights.

    The media, and other organizations seem to twist the meaning of the Southeran flag. The KKK adopted it in the 20th century, but if you would look closer they also use the American flag and I know that flag won't be banned.

    Sorry about all the negative comments you are getting, but as one person told me the schools don't always teach history correctly.


    d'ville ----- do some research, when you do you will find that state's rights were guaranteed in the Constitution otherwise it would not have been approved by many states. Those rights have gradually diminished, and when this happened it was not only the South that wanted to suceed but also many states in the Northeast, Maine being one of them and Mass. another. Riots did break out in Wisconsin, Massachuetts and other states.

    Think about those who died in this War, they did not own slaves. They were not the elite of the South, they fought for their state. That is why Lee fought for the South, and his great state of Virginia.

    The South is known for their religious beliefs, and being part of the "Bible Belt"

    Please research the history about the flags, and how they came about. When being taught in school, always question the textbooks may not be correct.


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    I feel that any culture regardless of where they come from should have the ability to cherish their history. It needs to integrate into American Society.

    I think that you are primarily referring to the issues with slavery in the south so the confederate flag represents that.

    The confederate flag represents some of the history of this country.

    If individuals from other countries can bring their history here there is no way we should allow our own history to be distorted or eliminated.

    We might not like what happened, but it happened.

    It also happened a couple hundred years ago. And..lets not forget that black people owned slaves as well, they owned them for profit.

    Also Europe is the main culprit behind slavery they were the ones that started the whole mess of enslaving africans.


    No compromise, the history of the USA should not be compromised, in fact it should be embrassed and emphasized. Learn history, real history and learn from histories mistakes...

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    Actually, the stars and bars is the "other" confederate flag. Its the rebel battle flag with the x in the middle and stars within the x. The official confederate flag had a red and white stripe with stars on a blue background in the upper left corner. That one is probably less offensive but only because it is less well known.

    I wish we could get over all of this stuff associated with flags. Robert E. Lee was certainly no proponent of slavery, yet felt compelled to resign his commission in the U.S. Army due to the call of his state. While slavery was the predominant issue in the war, it was a product of the economic differences and realities in the north and south. In fact little changed at least economically after the war. Slaves became share croppers in the south, still dependent on the landholders to eke out a living.

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    I like that idea, the flag represents different things to different people and a compromise can show that they're not trying to insult people - they respect freedom and suffrage but also take pride in states rights and their history. Although I have no stake in the debate so I don't know how the important parties would feel about it.

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    Most of the states that adopted the Confederate Flag only did so in the 1960s. It was done just to stand up to Federal desegregation. It is no different than protesting the war.

    Flying the Confederate Flag is about the same as burning the American Flag.....

    A Protest

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    I think that there's entirely too much consternation displayed whenever the battle flag of the Confederacy is shown anywhere.

    OK, I'll begin by stating that I grew up in the North and moved to Florida when I was 42 so I'm not really a Southerner, but I believe that the Confederate flag has been unfairly besmirched in the name of political corectness.

    The Civil War was not fought over slavery as many would have you believe. A vast majority of those who fought for the South never owned slaves. The truth of the matter is that the Civil War was over "States Rights" and the Southern States did not want the Federal Government telling them what they could, and could not do.

    Another bit of truth that no one wants to admit is that the real predjudice against People of Color was a direct product of the reconstruction era after the Civil War when Northern politicians, in an attempt to exact some retribution against the South, began unseating Officials in local and State positions in the South and filling those positions with freed slaves. The 'Carpetbaggers" were also a main source of irritation to Southern pride when they came South and took advantage of the situation.

    This lead directly to the formation of the Ku Klux Klan under former Calvery General Nathan Bedford Forrest.

    Unfortunately, the Stars & Bars has come to represent segregation, something that it was never intended to do.

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    I say it is going to be flown because of fact a million while the states chop up it wasn't all approximately slavery and many African individuals served interior the Confederates military. I additionally blame the Union for the conflict because of fact while they chop up removed from the union they needed it back so as that they've been grasping or aggressive and that they attacked so as that flag is honorable not rarest not one bit.

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    Replicas of the confederate flag or replicas of the union

    flag...what's the difference...neither are the same as

    American Flag of today!

    We have people like Susan B.Anthony and Rose

    Parker to thank for progress in making the flag

    represent the great country of which we have become...

    Even if we don't always agree with each other on

    a subject, we have grown to respect each other's

    view....and to stop doing that now would be to begin

    a reverse on the good brought to us by these people

    However, if something is hurtful or offensive to someone

    else, I would personally in due respect, compromise my

    'freedom of expression' and not display anything that

    may be hurtful or offensive to anyone.

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    People can legally burn the American flag because "it's their constitutional right",but not allowed to fly the rebel flag because "it's a symbol of hatred". Now that shows the ignorance of people and lawmakers alike today. So my answer is fly that confederate flag and fly it with pride, use your constitutional rights.

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    Why would we fly the flag of traitors? The Stars and Bars would be even worse than the battle flag. The pro-slavery forces had no good reason to try to tear apart this country. They lost, it's over and done with.

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