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Can anyone tell me if "Lloyds Bank" Finance Loan Department is a legitimate bank for loan in the US?

I have just recieved an email from them offering me a loan from 0-$500,000. And I am wondering if it is for real before I send any personal info. Contact Person: James Douglas, and From The Desk of Managing Director

Lloyds Bank Finance Loan Department

Address: C/ San Pedro 56,

28032 Madrid Spain


Lloyds TSB Bank Finance Dept

Tel: 0034-659-018-385 :Ext 9

Contact Person: James Douglas

I have no idea how to research this. Thanks for any ideas

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    It's a scam -- "" and "" are both free email addresses (just like Any mail from Lloyds Bank would be coming from

    These are scammers -- if you did apply for a loan, you'd "qualify", but you'd need to send a few hundred dollars as collatoral (or paper processing fee, or some other excuse), and it would be stolen.

    Best to block and ignore their emails.

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  • 1 decade ago

    This is most likely fraud. If you are questioning a banker that should be your first red flag, the second red flag is that they sent you an email which is almost always fraud and the third red flag is that it is outside the US only deal with banks within your own country. Never ever read the mail that "banks" emaily ou with

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