How should I learn Arabic?

Okay, so My dad is Arab and speaks Arabic fluently.

The bad thing is that he never speaks it in the house and so my brothers and I never learned it.

I've been trying to get him to teach me for years, and he never has. I also have done numerous CDs, computer programs, websites, and books which help a bit with vocab. I can't seem to stick to anything and I don't have time for a class because I'm a full time student and I work as well.

Yesterday I decided that I was going to only speak Arabic with my father. I know enough to get by, but I want to be more fluent by the summer so I can talk to my family when we go visit and know what is going on.

Anyways, my plan is to insist that I don't understand my father when he speaks english, and make him speak Arabic. The only problem is, instead of speaking in Arabic, I end up just not speaking. Will I really retain the language this way?

I just don't know if this is the right way to go. Any help or advice would be appreciate


I go abroad to Jordan and Palestine every other year to visit family, but they always speak in English around me , so I guess I could go by myself one summer or something. I just want to learn ASAP.

I've tried Pimsleur.. it was okay, it's just kinda expensive and hard to keep up with.

I've also tried Rosetta Stone, but my dad didnt even recognize the words they used because they were not Modern.

Maybe I could try them again....

Update 2:

Also, I know how to read Arabic, and My pronounciation is good.

I just want to learn how to hold a Conversation.

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    You could ask your dad if he would only speak Arabic to you, and when you don't understand a word, you can ask him what it means in Arabic. There are some books that have Arabic in them, and even Arabic children's books help to learn easier. Do you have any Arabic friends? If you do, ask them to help you with your writing and grammar. Recite the alphabet once in a while, to refresh your memory. You'll eventually be able to retain it, as long as you keep practicing it. Other languages come easy too, once you know at least two fluently. You don't have to go to classes, but if you stay around Arabic-speaking people, you will get used to hearing it and understanding it.

    There are a lot of great sites that teach Arabic, and translate. Here are a few:

    (this site includes the alphabet, and useful information)

    (step-by-step lessons)

    (go to bottom of the page for learning options)

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    Do you have any Arabic friends in school, college or the place where you work? If you do, then ask them minor things like " How do you say......?" which is a better way than to go face on face. You can also ask them if there are any classes in your area or city where you could learn the language. For Example, in Hindu temple, they teach I think Sanskrit, a old language in India.

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    read arabic books starting from childrens books, in islamic book shops, or in the library. it helps.

    and chat to ur arab friends online in rabic, (u can change the language to arabic). it also helps.

    u will retain the language that way, just insist on ur father more, and make him feel a bit guilty for not teaching u and the n he will hopefully start taking it seriously.

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    how about a summer vacation abroad, in the middle east, they speak Arabic there and there are a lot of places to visit, consider visiting Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, all pretty peaceful and not expensive.

    try to practice your Arabic there, the locals will be appreciative and helpful.

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    Well I once tried to learn Arabic and I can see why you find it hard.I mean it is. The best why to get started is to find a book and CD that helps you learn to pronounce everything starting with the alphabet.

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    Have you ever heard of Pimsleur?

    Well the Pimsleur method was thought up by Dr. Pimsleur himself. This language learning method can teach anyone any language.

    I suggest you try it

    Oh and if that doesn't work you can always try Rosetta Stone!

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    go and studies

    you can continuing your studies on any arab nation, because they also have lot of good institute, from there you can learn their culture and automatically learn their languages and how to speak with that language.

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    Fall in love with an Arab guy! and he will learn you!! :p

    Source(s): (Like me!!) .. Hehe
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    Yes, you should learn anything and everything you are interested in.

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