I know what's wrong with Christianity, do you?

Yahoo Answers is great. Amid the "Chirstian bashing" that my last question endured "What's wrong with Christianity?"

I found a resounding truth...

People are not offended by the teachings of Christ!!!

Most people think that loving people, and helping others, and having standards of behavior are good things..

but the major problem with "Christians" is the Hipocracy.

So I am now issuing a challenge... in order to return "Christianity" to better standing... How about people that claim to be "Christians" actually follow the teachings of Christ..

Drop the hate, quit condeming people, and start being concerned about people...

Jesus didn't preach "fire and brimstone" sermons... Jesus taught love and respect for all people, and accepting them for who they are and loving them anyway..


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    1 decade ago
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    Although im atheist its good to come across a real Christian on here for a change instead of many who are far from "Christ-like" and seem to preach hell and damnation at every opportunity. I have seen very little love from Christians.

    Well this will separate the wheat from the chaff to find out who are the true Christians and who are making a mockery of what they are supposed to be following. I think the majority though are calling themselves Christian just because they have been baptised in that faith.

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    You're both correct and incorrect.

    True, Jesus taught us to be "salt" and "light" to the world; He commanded us not to hide the truth of His teachings under a "bushel basket" so the world would be saved. Yes, we are supposed to be a loving example of Jesus to the world; but sometimes, loving another person requires us to speak the truth in love. This is where our role in urging the world to repent comes into play.

    Jesus told us that the world would hate us because it hated Him first. Why did the world hate this kind, gentle Man? Because He preached repentence from sin and love of God above everything -- and everyone -- else. If you think Jesus never condemned anyone, read all the verbal exchanges He had with the Pharisees and Sadducees. Among other things, He called them "white washed sepulchures" with rotting corpses inside! In other words, He pointed out they loved to give the appearance of holiness, but inside they had no love for God or His commandments. They were unrepentent sinners who refused to come to God for forgiveness.

    If Christians never spoke out against sin as Jesus, Paul, Peter and the other Apostles did, we would actually be doing a disservice to the world. We live in an extremely evil time and the world must know that repentence is necessary! To fail to speak would be the equivalent of placing Jesus' teachings under a "bushel basket" -- the very thing He told us NOT to do!

  • Gary G
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    1 decade ago

    Many do try in this ever increasingly unruley cruel world

    this is Satans spirits' domain according to the bible, but not for long...Christ's spirit is here in some of us also; thus a huge unseen spiritual wasr that we cannot yet winntill the second coming...very soon..

    We are human and all as an unclean thing....as filthy rags before God the Father. Isaiah 64:6

    We cannot and will never be perfect in these bodies of clay.

    We can only do our best from which we were given numan flawlessness...imperfection..it is those fanatics of all walks of life that think we willand should be "perfect when it is nothing but impossible as human beings...

    thank God and his son Jesus that we have neverending mercy, and forgiveness in him through daily repentence..

  • 4 years ago

    because of the fact that's no longer actually achievable to get to understand each and every Christian (your occasion, no longer mine) in the international. So people base their critiques based on the staggering ones, like the pastors who make certain to sin. by utilising the way, while you're under the misperception that this occurs in effortless terms to Christians...that's a tragic, unhappy false impression. on the different hand, you could basically parent that's all Adam and Eve's fault. They screwed up and then each and every person grow to be kicked out of paradise.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Wow it seems as though you might be judging some of your fellow Christians. I do agree that we should live Christ-like but it comes off as if you are the only one who thinks that you are. This being why alot of people turn away from Christ too, it's like you are on your pedestool and saying that the rest of us aren't doing these things. I challenge you to read your email and how commanding it sounds to other Christians.

    I for one have not been mean or indecent.

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    Part of loving someone is warning them if they are about to do something that will hurt themselves or others. That includes the "fire and brimstone" destination of unbelievers.

    Jesus said "I tell you, no, but unless you repent, you will all likewise perish." and "Do not fear those who kill the body but are unable to kill the soul; but rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell. We are living by example. No hate or condemnation, just stating the truth in love. We know most people do not want to hear or accept the possibility that they may be wrong, sinful, evil, etc. It doesn't change the facts that God has revealed to everyone.

    Source(s): Luke 13:5 Matthew 10:28
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    Let me tell you something my rude friend, my example is to look the other way only before God are we challenged. Jesus taught, but we have to decipher and interpret that of its true meaning. A thousand people can read the same script and thus a thousand interpretations of it will suffice. Jesus where a guide, there are no rules under God because life itself is designed by God to challenge our ability to adapt but remain loyal to our principles despite our having to action in contradiction to that of those teachings to compensate for our not actioning and the reaping a worse outcome!

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    Even Christians are human and mess up. It's called sin. If I say that I've never in my whole life done one thing and said another, then not only am I lying, I'm a hypocrite as well. We all do our best to live up to Christ's standards, but we all fall short. We are our own worst enemy.

  • I read your post and for the most part Iam in total agreement until down at the end you state" accepting them for who they are and loving them anyway" that is not scriptual if your implying that we are to compromise with people's sins. You see this is one of the big problems with christianity is people who do not possess enough of the Love of God to be truthful with people. Jesus said in Matt 11:9 concerning John the Baptist" ....he is more than a prophet" verse 11" among them who are born of women there has not risen a greater than John the Baptist" yet talk about "fire and brimstone" John the Baptist in Matt 3:7 called those religious in his day"generation of vipers".John 8:3-11 Jesus instructed the woman caught in the act of Adultery" go and sin no more"

    Now in this generation Jesus would have been criticized for telling this woman that her lifestyle is unacceptable, she cannot remain living with a man she is not married to, and he tells her to quit sinning all this is implied by his statement.Yet in some churches with your attitude she might be leading the choir. Jesus loved her and forgave her but yet he did not compromise with her and she had to make some changes.

    II Tim 3:5 " Having a form of Godliness but denying the power thereof from such TURN AWAY" The bible instructs us here not to have fellowship with people who deny the power of God and if they do that they have to deny the word of God also.The thing is most people do not know the word of God.

    So you are so very wrong when you say" accepting them for who they are" I can love their soul and pray for them I cannot pronounce judgement on them and send them to hell but the bible says" by their fruits ye shall know them" Sinners need to repent...change their way of thinking and conform their lives to God's standards and when you preach that and teach that people like you respond in a negetive manner.Look at Noah's time God drowned a whole world because of sin... None of them beleived Noah you would have thought that maybe one would have but none..According to the Bible in Rev 21 on the day of judgement God will say to some

    "depart from me I never knew you" Your kind of thinking is why we have Episcopalian Priests that are open homosexuals ordained in the ministry yet in Romans Ch 1 it clearly expresses how God hates that sin. Love the sinner hate the sin but dont knowingly pat the sinner or those living in rebelion against Gods word on the back because your lying to them and endorsing their sin. Love people tell them the truth as you have opportunity from a heart of love.

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    I have been pondering the word "hipocracy" for a while. Could it mean "hippocracy"? That would be a form of government where horses rule. Sounds cool to me. Since I am not a native speaker sometimes I get funny results from the postings. Cheers ...

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