1990 jeep wrangler half doors?

i bought a 1990 jeep wrangler and it came with the half doors and i can't figure out how to get them on, they are the right ones, they just don't fit, is there any way to fix that?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I wouldn't jump right to saying the Jeep has body damage, if these doors haven't been on the Jeep before this is normal. Every tub is a little different, so the hinges on the door side have quite a bit of adjustability to them. When you loosen the bolts on the door hinges, you'll be able to move them wherever you need to. When I bought half doors for my Jeep, I moved one hinge almost 1/2" to get it to work on my Jeep.

    If they don't appear to physically fit, then you may have doors from a TJ, because TJ doors won't line up.

  • 1 decade ago

    The main reason why half doors don't fit, is usually because the jeep has body damage, meaning the jeep was used for offroading (the preferred method) and has bottomed out. I've owned 5 different jeeps and had this problem with a CJ & a YJ

  • Helen
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    4 years ago

    Don't buy the Wrangler. You can get a better one with that kind of $. If you are going to invest a lot of time and money on a car, you should family and friends, to see what their opinions are. Sounds like you'll be spending more time working on the Wrangler than driving around and having fun.

  • Moose
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    1 decade ago

    Simply slide the hinge pins into the wholes on the hinge half on body. If they don't fit, something is out of adjustment. For the top part, the pins simply slide into the retainers on the door.

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