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Man asked in 旅遊歐洲大陸其他 - 歐洲 · 1 decade ago

(急!)買巴黎平機票!! (HURRY!)Cheap flight ticket to PARIS!!

想問任何有關去巴黎既來回平機票資料/網站, 條件如下:

六月出發, 八月返, 有效期三個月, 亞洲區中轉站(如有).

Wanna ask any information abt the CHEAP return flight ticket from HK to PARIS. Conditions are as following:

- Any airlines

- Departure Date: Jun 2007

- Return Date: Aug 2007

- Stopover: Asian countries (if possible)

- Validity: 3 months

(Any information or websites are all welcomed)


2 Answers

  • 1 decade ago
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    Korean Air

    HKD 4285 ( Excluding tax )

    Plus Service Fee HKD 0

    Conditions Latest Travel: 07/12/07

    Earliest Return: 04 days

    Latest Return: 3 months

    El Al Israel Airlin

    HKD 4833 ( Excluding tax ) es

    Plus Service Fee HKD 0

    Conditions Latest Return: 3 months


    所以最好你自己check 下


  • 1 decade ago

    你打上去priceline 問,佢地做緊特價機票,zuji都得

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